Timeline for North River Mills

1747   James Caudy settles on the Cacapon River

1750   George Washington surveys land for Joseph Edwards, James Caudy, Henry Enoch, and Thomas Parker; John Hiett, Jr. settles briefly in area in early 1750s; Hiett's Run takes its name from him

1751   George Washington surveys for George Ashbrook, George & William Horner

1753   Thomas Parker is granted 237 acres on North River adjacant Hiett's Run

1754   Hampshire County created

1755   Gen. Braddock passes through Hampshire Co. near Forks of Capon; John Maury surveys 131 acres for James Gibbons

1756   The Battle of Great Cacapon; Capt. Joshua Lewis routes band of Indians near N.R.M.; James Gibbons' daughter, Sarah, taken captive by Indians as was Mrs. George Horner; Sarah returned about six years later with a half-breed son

1763   John Williams returns after French and Indian War to reclaim his land from his neighbors, the Lockharts and Parkers

1766   Dr. James Craik receives grant for land with a spring east of N.R.M.; James and Evan Hiett both receive land grants east of N.R.M.

1770   George Washington visits Samuel Pritchard and Henry Enoch and Romney

1771   Dr. James Craik receives grant for the James Gibbons' 131 acres

1776   Jonathan Hiett receives grant for 154 acres on Hiett's Run

1788   Henry Baker receives land grant east of N.R.M.

1789   Rees Prichard receives grant for land around N.R.M. containing Kump cabin

1796   Heirs of Thomas Parker and Robert Pritchard petitioned court to file a deed to replace one destroyed by fire whereby Thomas Parker had sold his land to Robert Pritchard around 1775

1802   William Moreland bought land from Pritchard (Log Cabin)

1808   Probable date of Kump Log Cabin (built by Moreland); John B. Miller born

1812   Probable date of Miller House (oldest part)

1817   Susan Short and George S. Williams born

1821   Benjamin Loy born

1823   Martha Loy born; N.R.M. Post Office opens

1826   William Daugherety postmaster; William Miller dies

1829   Post Office closed Aug.-Sep.; Samuel Heiskell appointed Postmaster

1830   William Smaltz born

1833   Samuel Kercheval publishes "A History of the Valley of Virginia"

1835   School House built on Sandy Ridge

1837   Jacob Kump & Julia Ann Milslagle married; Eliza J. Chilcott born

1842   Caroline Smalt born

1843   John B. Milller appointed Postmaster

1845   A.C. Loy born

1846   Margaret Hiett McDonald dies

1848 Maj. George Deaver marries Lucinda Hiett; William F(?) Kump born

1849   Jonathan H. Loy born; Henry Kump and Benjamin Wills die

1851   Christopher Heiskell dies

1855   Benjamin F. Loy born

1856   Joseph Short born; George Williams & Benjamin McDonald, II die

1863   Benjamin F. & Jonathan H. Loy die

1864   Skirmish in N.R.M.; William Kump joins the Union

1866   Minnie Smaltz born

1868   Henry Smaltz born; William Loy dies

1869   Laura Virginia Smaltz born

1870   Eliza Mendenhall dies

1872   Amos Chilcott & Emma Augusta Smaltz born

1875   George Deaver, veteran of War of 1812 drowns

1879   Dora E. Eaton born; William Miller appointed Postmaster

1886   John B. Miller dies

1892   Susan Short dies

1893   William Miller deeds land for Methodist Church

1894   Joseph Short dies; Charles Love Miller born

1895   Charles Love Miller born; P.O. changes name

1896   Martha A. Loy dies

1897   Laura Virginai Smaltz dies

1898   Benjamin Loy dies; Wilma McDonald born

1899   Emma Augusta, Minnie Smaltz die; Charley L. Harmison born

1900   Dora Eaton & Annie Miller married

1903   Charley & Lennie McCauley married; Lillian Harmison born; Amos Chilcott dies

1904   Caroline Smaltz dies

1906   Flash flood

1907   Virgil McCauley born

1908   Eliza J. Chilcott dies; Granville Moreland born

1909   William Smaltz dies

1914   A.C. Loy dies

1915   Charles Miller & Wilma McDonald married

1917   Golda Eaton born

1922   Charley & Lillian Harmison married

1930   Snapp Mill blows up

1933   North River Mills School closes

1936   Miller's Mill collapses under winter snow

1937   Henry Smaltz dies

1940   Granville Moreland & Golda Eaton married; Bob Ford buys farm on Gibbons Run; Otis Baker & Audrey Sine married 1974   Goldie Eaton Moreland dies

1981   Electricity put in the Methodist Church at North River Mills

1983   Charles Love Miller dies

1991   Wilma McDonald Miller dies

1992   Audra Croston dies

1996   September 6, Flood ravages North River Mills

1997   January, Another smaller flood hits village

1997   The North River Mills Society for Antiquarian Arts and the Diffusion of Knowledge is founded

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