Old time standing seam roof



    In its never ending quest to preserve our quaint little community, The Society decided to spend some of its meager resources on preserving our Society's Headquarters by putting on a new roof. It was decided to put a metal standing seam roof on the building. This necessitated finding a craftsman who was capable of installing this old time roof. There are few such craftsmen working today, but fortunately for the society, one is working in Hampshire County. Ron Cheves of Teter Roofing was engaged to bring his old tools and install our new roof. Here you see some pictures of the process.


roof399.jpg    You see here the old tool that Ron uses to bend and crimp the standing seam. The metal has been nailed to the roof on the metal edge that is covered by the next overlapping sheet. This way no nails are seen or exposed to the weather.




Of course, not even fancy tools can replace the hammer for some tasks. Here the standing seam is being bent over so the crimper can seal it.roofv04.jpg




    We look forward to mellowing with this wonderful roof over the coming years. Here's to a dry house!



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updated: 10/23/01