Postmasters of North River Mills

Please note that below is the original listing we were given by a local researcher. We have since received updated information based on research into Post Office records that indicates there may be some errors in this listing. We have therefore included the updated information at the bottom of the page. Entries in the original list may now have an asterisk (*) to indicate one should refer to the text at the bottom of the page. We are indebted to Len McMaster for the updated information.


Bechnal Alverson                 05/01/1822*
William Dougherty               12/31/1825*
Walker Louthan                   05/26/1828

     Discontinued August 17, 1829
     Reestablished September 17, 1829

Samuel Heiskell                   09/17/1829
William A. Heiskell              09/21/1831
Walker Louthan                   05/23/1832
William Sherman                  05/29/1839
George G. Grove                 11/25/1840
John B. Miller                      03/25/1843

   Changed to Hampshire County, WV in 1863

Joseph A. Vannosdeln         01/08/1866
Joseph Snapp                      03/13/1866
William Miller                      01/24/1879
Mrs. Cordelia Moreland      10/01/1885

   Changed to NorthRiver Mills on Dec. 5, 1895

William Moreland                12/05/1895
Alma L. Gess                      10/14/1903
Henry Shanholtz                   08/14/1920
Chris Harmison                    04/01/1931
Chris Harmison                    04/21/1931
Lee R. Deaver                     02/21/1946
Lee R. Deaver                     06/19/1946
Miss Audra V. McDonald   03/25/1949*
Miss Audra V. McDonald   04/06/1949
Mrs. Betty L. Miller             02/28/1971 (last P.M.)


Postmasters from Cold Stream

James E. Cooper                01/30/1857
Nath'l Offutt                       06/26/1834
Adam C. Slonaker              04/26/1877
Lycurgus C. Cooper?          07/08/1866

The Post Office (PO) was initially established as “North River” March 13, 1821, with Elisha Thompson as the first Post Master.

The Post Office Department (POD) records show this P.O. was discontinued in 1822 the same year the North River Mills P.O. opened, suggesting the Post Office was re-established or the name merely changed to North River Mills. The 1822 US Postal Guide (USPG) lists the North River P.O. with Elisha Thompson P.M. as being 120 miles from Washington and 218 miles from Richmond (North River Mills P.O. is not listed).

The 1825 USPG lists North River Mills P.O. with “Beeknall” Alverson PM 120 miles from Washington and 218 miles from Richmond (the same distances resported for North River).

“Bechnal” (the spelling in the P.O. appointment records looks more like “Becknal”) Alverson was appointed P.M. May 11th (not May 1st) 1822. The P. O. Department records also lists a “C. Heiskell” with Becknal Alverson; no reason is given for two names.

William Dougherty was appointed P.M. Dec. 31, 1826 (not 1825).

On December 5, 1895, the name was changed to Northriver Mills. When zip codes were established the one for Northriver Mills was 26744.

Miss Audra V. McDonald was appointed acting P.M. Mar. 26th (not 25th), 1949.

Mrs. Betty L Miller appointed Post Master oon Feb. 28, 1971.

Northriver Mills P.O. was discontinued Sep. 30, 1972 with the mail routed to Capon Bridge.


updated: 1/19/11