The Old Concrete Bridge at North River Mills

State Report has undertaken to archive information on the old concrete bridge across the North River just west of North River Mills. It was constructed in 1924. As the bridge is scheduled for removal in the late summer of 2011, we are preparing a page to keep a record of its role in our local history. If you have photos or stories about the bridge, we would appreciate hearing from you.


   The West Virginia Department of Transportation, Division of Highways, Engineering Division's Environmental Section has prepared a report on the bridge to satisfy state and federal requirements. We include a link here to that report. Please note it is a large pdf file of about 1.7 megs; download time may be long if you do not have a high speed internet connection.
      State Report on Bridge

   Revenge of the Old Bridge - see below!

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Photo Album of Old Concrete Bridge

Removing the Old Concrete Bridge


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