Photo Album for the
21st Annual North River Mills Day
and the Dedication of the Pvt. William Kump Bridge
Saturday, May 7, 2016

Special Article from the Review
Ted Kalvitis's Journal for
North River Mills Day 2016

A special thanks to Terry and Steve Bailes, our main organizers, and the O'Briens and Jim and Heather Rogers and Judy Bowyer and Shari Gallery and Ted Kalvitis who helped get everyone organized and fed and to all who worked so hard to make this day such an enjoyable, hospitable event. Thanks also to the Ice Mountain docents who took folks on a tour of our unique National Natural Landmark. It was great to have the antique cars and tractors and engines on hand again this year; thank you for coming. Because of our special event our photographer was too busy to do justice to the day. However, Craig Perry did step forward to take up the camera, so we have him to thank for some of the photos. Must be something about designing databases that qualifies one to be a digital photographer!? Thank you, Craig.

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Dedication of the Pvt. William Frederick Kump Bridge

Because taking the crowd to the bridge outside of the village was rather impractical, we held the dedication ceremony at the old Shanholtz house in North River Mills. The ceremony was attended by Delegate Ruth Rowan, State Senator Charles Trump and Senator Craig Blair and also Delegate Daryl Cowles. Charles Hall of was the master of ceremonies. Craig Perry was our stand-in photographer.

The crowd gathered at the Shanholtz house for the dedication and unveiling of the historic marker to be placed at the bridge. Delegate Ruth Rowan is speaking here and Sen. Craig Blair, Sen. Charles Trump and Del. Daryl Cowles are on the porch behind her along with Charles Hall, our local historian.
Senator Trump and Delegate Rowan veil the historic marker that will be placed at the bridge to tell the story of Pvt. William Kump. The sign is erected by

No celebration is complete without beautiful young ladies and handsome, gallant soldiers.

North River Mills Day 2016