Kump-25.JPG - house
This house built by William Moreland just after the turn of the nineteenth century was home to Frederick Kump, the village blacksmith during the Civil War. The wing in the back was once a separate shed, but was attached to the house and made into a kitchen.

Frederick's son went off to fight for the Union in the Civil War and never returned. No news was ever received about what happened to him.


Kump-26.JPG - door        
The warm tone of the wooden door greets the visitor      
       who will find a hospitable welcome inside by the fire.


      Kump-22.JPG - fence
Kump-23.JPG - well    


The garden is well attended and the fence keeps the little critters out. But where is the bucket for the well to water the garden?



Kump-56.JPG - wheels
Of course, there are always some tools and parts for the equipment near at hand.


          Kump-54.JPG - house side
The house lies nestled among the trees by a quiet pasture field.


Kump-47.JPG - locks

Kump-50.JPG - barrel


Kump-59.JPG - trunk




It seems that the owner is contemplating a trip somewhere and has already begun to pack for the journey.

Does that mean someone is leaving our little village? Are they coming back?