Etta Fultz Kimble Remembers North River Mills

Etta Kimble1.jpg

    North River Mills Day 2003 was honored to have a very special guest who shared her memories of our wonderful little village. Etta Onile Fultz was born on December 2, 1916 in North River Mills in what we know as the Hiett House (see #2 in aerial photo below) as were her siblings. Her parents were Gorda Fultz and Nannie Kidwell. The family later moved over the hill to what we know as the old Fultz place (now the Nipling property); the #4 gives an appromimate location as only the foundation remains today not visible in this picture.

#1 Methodist Church; #2 Etta's birthplace (Hiett house); #3 Kump house;
#4 Fultz place (Nipling property; nothing remains); #6 present bridge; #9 Raven Rocks

    Etta had some wonderful memories of life in North River Mills and some wisdom for us today. kimble2.jpgHer stories made the old days come alive as we listened and helped greatly in putting together more of the story of our quaint village. Although Etta is 87 years young, her mind is very sharp as is her sense of humor. She was especially helpful in recalling details about people and buildings in the area. She is shown here talking to Rae Ellen McKee about some of her experiences along the South Branch River and her travels up and down the river valley on the railroad. She traveled about the county quite a bit. We hope to transcribe her conversation and make it part of the history of Hampshire County.


This oral history project is another in the series of community history programs of
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