Recycling the Baker's Barn,
Itself a Product of Recycling

   Sometimes when you take something apart you learn things about its construction that you had not imagined. Such is the case with the barn on the property of Baker Farms that was destroyed by the wind storm on June 4th, 2008. As workers began stripping off the remaining sections of the barn, they discovered that the barn used many parts from older buildings. Below in the photo album you can see many of the old pieces of lumber and hardware that had obviously been originally cut for another building.
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The old barn before the storm took it down.
The barn after the storm.

To see the storm damage, click here

Dating old logs

   Several sections of the old logs were saved for further study. We hope to create a database that will allow dating of log structures in Hampshire County and will also give us some information on climatic conditions as long ago as the arrival of the first settlers. To learn more about the Dendorchronology Project at Fort Edwards click here.

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