Bibliography for North River Mills

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Frontier Forts Along the Potomac and Its Tributaries, by William Ansel [a well documented reference to colonial Virginia frontier forts, the work does have some mistakes as certain types of records were not researched and this subject is a very difficult one to get contemporary, authoritative information on; no other work covers the subject as extensively.]

History of Hampshire County, West Virginia, From Its Earliest Settlement to the Present; by Hu Maxwell and H. L. Swisher; A. Brown Boughner, Morgantown, WV, 1897 (reprinted by McClain Printing Company, Parsons, WV, 1972) [This is the most important and complete history of the county; although much of the information is anecdotal, no researcher can afford to overlook this source. Covers periods from earliest days to late 1800s.]

A History of the Valley of Virginia by Samuel Kercheval, Woodstock, Va., 1850 [This is one of the most important sources for research on the colonial Virginia northern frontier; although much of the information is anecdotal, it does contain information and stories found no where else. Kercheval was broadly copied by later authors.]

The Virginia Frontier, 1754-1763; by Louis K. Koontz; Baltimore, Johns Hopkins Press, 1925. [reprint: Heritage Books, Bowie, MD, 1992. (301)390-7709] [Gives a very well coordinated and documented history of the era of the French and Indian War on the Colonial Virginia frontier.]

Capon Valley: Its Pioneers and Descendants, 1698-1940; by Maud Pugh; originally published in two volumes in 1946 and 1948. (republished as a single indexed volume) [Miss Pugh often refers to items for which no current documents are available; although her work has some of the mistakes and inconsistencies of early genealogies and anecdotal histories, her work is among the most important sources for Hampshire County genealogies and family histories.]

George Washington and the Virginia Backcountry; ed. by Warren Hofstra; Madison House Publishers, Madison, WI, 1998 [This is a new book which deals in depth with the area of Hampshire County in Washington's day and his effect on it and its effect on him. There are two chapters of special interest: one on Washington the surveyor and the other on Washington's experience as Commander of the Virginia Regiment during the French and Indian War.]

Historical Records of Old Frederick and Hampshire Co., Va.; by Wilmer L. Kerns; [Contains genealogical information on the Edwards and other early Hampshire County families.]

History of Hampshire County; by Hu Maxwell and H.L. Swisher; A. Brown Boughner Morgantown, WV., 1897 (reprinted McClain Printing Company, Parsons, WV. 1972).

Early Records Hampshire County Virginia Now West Virginia; by Clara McCormack Sage and Laura Sage Jones; Genealogical Publishing Co. Inc. Baltimore, Md., 1969 [ Includes wills, grants and deeds of Hampshire County, WV.]

Hampshire County, West Virginia 1754-2004; ed. by Roberta R. Munske and Wilmer L. Kerns; The Hampshire County 250th Anniversary Committee, Romney, West Virginia, 2004

"War and Heartbreak in the North River and Cacapon Valleys", by Wilmer Kerns; The West Virginia Avocate, February 15, 1990

"Charles Miller, Keeper of the Keys", The West Virginia Avocate, 5 April 1982

Hall, Charles C. and Stephanie L. Bailes. "Old wagon road discovered." Hampshire Review 8 September 1993: 12C [ Gives information on locating Fort Thomas Parker and the Old wagon road]

Bailes, Stephanie L. "North River Mills Big in History." Hampshire Review 21 April 1999:1B [Report about past lives in North River Mills]

Kesner, Don. " North River Mills Days" Hampshire Review 16 June 1999: 1B [ Gives a sampling of modern life in North River Mill]

Bailes, Stephanie L. and Charles C. Hall. A Brief Look at North River Mills, West Virginia., 1993 [A summary of event in North River Mills]


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