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        The Society takes great pride in providing these web pages.  We also take it that hardly anyone might be interested in this our first attempt to master the intricacies and viscissitudes of the world-wide electronic media.

Our Mission

        The Society is composed of selfless individuals whose interest in preserving the traditions and material culture of the area is equalled only by their knowledge and understanding of the frustrations of this process in an age dulled by mindless trivial pursuits, prostituted by the accumulation of material riches and awed by individuals whose lives evidence a complete lack of understanding of the meaning of life.  Each member of the Society is an acknowledged expert usually outstanding in their field.  When they are not out standing in their field, they can often be found diligently engaged in some estoeric pursuit sure to arouse the interest of the Society and dull the senses of the general public.  The public is invited to attend our meetings which are never scheduled (we believe in the spontaneity of genius) and seldom announced once spontaniety moves us to assemble.  However, if you are there when we get there, we will attempt to make you feel welcome.

Membership in the Society

          We should stress that membership in this illustrious society is by invitation only.  We would appreciate your assistance in forwarding our projects, but we can not be bothered by the labor involved in collecting dues and maintaining a membership list.  However, if you would like to rewrite your will and leave us your estate, we might be interested in talking to you.  We might also consider accepting farms, vacation houses, expensive sports cars, multi-engine airplanes, and stocks, bonds and other negotiable instruments.

Updating our pages

        Unfortunately, any society requiring such high standards of dedication, service and intellectual acumen on the part of those laboring under its banner will be limited in its membership.  Therefore we beg your indulgence in the upgrading of these pages.  Since our interests are wide and varied (often said to be rambling and unconnected), and our resources limited (sometimes described as pathetic), the next updating of this site is scheduled for December, 2008 or June, 2009 - - seems we missed those, how about July 2012 (missed that too) April 1, 2015 or, perhaps, some other time before the big asteroid hits the earth.

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