Tree Identification List

Hampshire County is a beautiful county with not only great scenery, but also wonderful and unique natural features of note. This page is a resource for our trail interpretation program.

American Basswood
American Elm
American Holly
American Sycamore
Bitternut Hickory
Black Cherry
Black Locust
Black Maple
Black Oak
Black Tupelo
Black Walnut
Black Willow
Common Persimmon
Cucumber Tree
Eastern Hemlock
Eastern White Pine
Flowering Dogwood
Green Ash
Mockernut Hickory
Northern Red Oak
Pignut Hickory
Pin Oak
Pitch Pine
Post Oak
Red Hickory
Red Maple
Red Mullberry
River Birch
Scarlet Oak
Shagbark Hickory
Shellbark Hickory
Shortleaf Pine
Silver Maple
Slippery Elm
Sugar Maple
Sweet Birch
Sweet Gum
Virginia Pine
White Ash
White Basswood
White Oak
Yellow Birch
Yellow Poplar