Trees of Note in Hampshire County

Hampshire County is a beautiful county with not only great scenery, but also wonderful and unique natural features of note. This page is dedicated to highlighting trees of note in our county. The first category below is taken from the West Virginia Department of Commerce web site listing registry of big trees. Below that is a list of trees of local note. They may not be state champions, but they are noteworthy specimens.

State Registered Big Trees

Scientific Name Common Name CBH HT CS BTP   Town Year Year

(inches) (feet) (feet)

Carpinus caroliniana American Hornbeam, Musclewood 49 32 46 92   Near Yellow Springs 1997 2010
Carya alba Mockernut Hickory 93 86 50 192   Near Wardensville 1998 2010
Fraxinus nigra Black Ash 68 68 52 149   Near Yellow Springs 2014 2014
Quercus ilicifolia Bear Oak 33 34 24 73   Near Romney 1992 2010
Quercus alba White Oak 246 89 104 361   Near Romney   2015



Local Specimens of note

Tree in Ginevan Cemetery