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   "While noted for his fidelity as a pastor, Dr. Moore was best known as a convincing and eloquent preacher. His intense spiritual conviction, his earnest piety, his charm and grace of manner, his tenderness of feeling, his sincere devotion to his Master, and absolute dependence upon the inspiration and powers of the Spirit, Whom he invoked in constant and earnest prayer, to which was added a voice of melodious sweetness whose tender and pleading tones won the sympathy and engaged the attention of his hearers, combined to create for him a reputation as a preacher which attracted crowded congregations to hear him proclaim the message of salvation from the great gospel of redemption.

"It is stated that upon one occasion, having preached and concluded the service with the benediction, to his great surprise he observed that no one present seemed disposed to leave the Church. After a short interval one of the congregation arose and requested him to preach to them the second time. After singing a hymn a second discourse was delivered, when again the congregation refused to leave and a request was made that he should continue to speak. Having responded to this second request, he concluded the service, and announcing that he was too exhausted to speak any longer, he again dismissed the people with the blessing and urged them to return to their homes...

"In 1809 Doctor Moore became rector of St. Stephen's Church in New York City, composed, at the time of his acceptance of the call, of not more than thirty families; when, five years later, he resigned this Church to come to Virginia, he left in the Church about four hundred communicants."

quoted from Dr. Goodwin's history of the Seminary.



Some sermons of Bishop Richard Channing Moore may be added here.

"I love feeling in religion. I will say that there can be
no true religion without it."
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