Richard Channing Moore




Early Life


Virginia Seminary







This portrait came down through Bishop Moore's descendants and was given by Douglas Deane Hall to the Virginia Historical Society in Richmond, Virginia. The artist is not known, but it is possible that a member of the Peale family painted it.


Bishop Moore in Henshaw

This engraving appears in the Moore family history, Six Centuries of the Moores of Fawley, Berkshire, England and their Descendants Amid the Titled and Untitled Aristocracy of Great Britain and America, by David Moore Hall; Richmond, O.E. Flanhart Publishing Co., 1904.


Moore in H.M.C.

This engraving of Bishop Richard Channing Moore appears in History and Reminiscences of the Monumental Church, Richmond, Va., from 1814 to 1878 by Geo. D. Fisher; Richmond, Whittet & Shepperson, 1880.


Moore in H.M.C.

This engraving of Bishop Richard Channing Moore appears in Three Hundred Years of the Episcopal Church in America by George Hodges; George W. Jacobs & Co., Phidelphia, 1906


This silhouette shows the Bishop as neighbors in Richmond might have seen him walking the town in his later years. Right click here to download a large full-page image.


"Lay up then, I beseech you, lay up your treasure in heaven. It is there, and there alone, my beloved, that the gourd under which the Christian will recline, shall never wither. It is there that his enjoyment will be perpetual - eternal in its duration."
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