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DESCENDANTS OF: Hon. John Moore to Richard Channing Moore
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 *  Hon. John Moore, Esq., Barister-at-Law, (1658 Eng.-1732 Philadelphia), of London,
                of "Moore Hall in Charleston, S.C.," of Moore Hall, Chester Co., Pa.,
                and of Philadelphia, Pa., known to some as Sir John Moore, and called
                in Pennsylvania, Hon. John Moore, on account of being so designated
                in several conveyances of realty, and recorded in Christ Church deeds
                in 1695 and 1702; Colonist in 1680, Secretary of the Province of
                Carolina, June 21, 1682, Receiver Gen. and Escheator Gen. of same,
                Sept. 29, 1683; Deputy to Lord Proprietor and Count Palatine, June 3,
                1684 thus being a member of the Governor's Grand Council.
                Married in 1685 Lady Rebecca, (  -1745), dau. of Landgrave Daniel
                Axtell, hereditary Peer of the Dominion of Carolina, and grand-dau.
                of Lt. Colonel Daniel Axtell of the Parlimentary Army, Gov. of
                Kilkenny in Ireland, and Commander of the Guard of the High Court of
                Justice in Westminster Hall during the trial of King Charles I.
                Hon. John Moore moved from Charleston, S.C. to Philadelphia between
                1687 and 1690 in which colony he held many offices including:
                Crown Advocate and Deputy Judge of the Court of Vice Admiralty,
                Attorney General, Registrar General, Collector of Customs.  Buried
                in Christ Church, Philadelphia of which he was a vestryman and
                founding member.  [see pictures below]
 .  * Col. John Moore  (1686) - (1749) m. (1714) Frances Lambert #121 (1692) - (1782)
                Col. John Moore of Moore's Folly-on-the-Hudson near West Point and
                White Hall, New York city, eldest son of the Hon. John Moore of
                Philadelphia and Lady Rebecca Axtell, his wife; Alderman of the City,
                Member of the Colonial and King's Council, Prov. of New York, Col.
                commanding his Majesty's New York City regiment of Foot, Vestryman
                and warden of Trinity Church, New York City, 1715-1728. Married
                Frances Lambert of Huguenot descent, who was brought to America in
                infancy in consequence of the bloody persecutions of the Protestants
                in France, and is described as a lady "most accomplished in looks
                and manners." They are both buried in Trinty vault.
 .  .  * Frances Moore  (aft 1714) -
 .  .  * Rebecca Moore  (1717) -
 .  .  * John Moore  (1719) - (1749)
 .  .  * Susanna Moore  (1720) - (d. infant)
 .  .  * Thomas Moore  (1721) - (d. infant)
 .  .  * Peter Moore  (1721) - (d. infant)
 .  .  * Thomas Moore, II  (__-___-1722) - (19-Jun-1784) m. (__-___-1744) Elizabeth Channing
                (__-___-1728) - (7-Dec-1805); Thomas was a
                Vestryman of Trinity Church 1750-62, 1779-84.
 .  .  .  * John Moore  (aft 1744) -
 .  .  .  * William Moore  (aft 1744) - (d. infant)
 .  .  .  * Frances Moore  (aft 1744) -
 .  .  .  * Daniel Moore  (aft 1744) - (aft 1776)
 .  .  .  * Ann Moore  (aft 1748) -
 .  .  .  * Thomas Channing Moore  (aft 1749) - (d. infant)
 .  .  .  * Thomas Lambert Moore  (22-Feb-1758) - (1799)
 .  .  .  * Elizabeth Moore (__-Jan-1760 ?) -
 .  .  .  * Bishop Richard Channing Moore (21-Aug-1762)-(11-Nov-1841) m. (_-__-1784) to
                Christian Jones  (1769)-(_-Apr-1796)(1st wife)
                Dau. of David Jones, Esq., of New York City, (1769-1796).
                m. 2nd (23-Mar-1797) Sarah Mersereau(   )-(__-Aug-1824) of Staten Island,
                NY, descended from the patriotic Revolutionary family of that name.
                He was ordained to the Diaconate in July, 1787, to the Priesthood in
                Sept. 1787, in St. George's Church, New York City, and was immediately
                made Rector of Grace Church, Rye, NY(1787-1788); Rector of St. Andrew's,
                Staten Island, NY (1789-1809); Rector St. Stephen's, NYC, NY(1809-1814);
                Rector Monumental Church, Richmond, VA (Oct 1814-Nov 1841); Consecrated
                Second Bishop Virginia 18 May, 1814 in St James's Church, Philadelphia,
                PA. by the Rt. Rev. William White, D.D., Bishop of Pennsylvania, assisted
                by Bishops Hobart, Griswold and Dehon. Bishop of the Diocese of Virginia
                27 years with the Monumental Church in Richmond as his Cathedral Church.
                Died in Lynchburg, Va at the home of Rev Thomas Atkinson. Later buried
                at Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond, VA.

Christ Churchname list
Christ Church, Philadelphia and the plaque that lists John Moore (1658-1732)
as one of the founding members of the church.


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