Two Great Colonial Roads

The Great Wagon Road and Braddock's Road in Hampshire County

Braddock's Road shown by the red dots; the Great Wagon Road shown in blue dots.

Braddock's Road and The Great Wagon Road from Winchester to the South Branch.

   The colonial "Great Wagon Road from Winchester to the South Branch" (at present Romney) eventually continued on to Wills Creek where Fort Cumberland was built. It comes from Winchester to Capon Bridge along Hollow Road from Gore arriving in Capon Bridge on Falls Road - not along current US Rt 50. It continues north to Edwards Run and on to North River Mills (T. Parker's on Fry & Jefferson). Then it goes near Kedron Road to Old Martinsburg Road and across to Barnes Mill ("Phipps" on the Fry and Jefferson Map) on the Little Cacapon. It then goes west where no road presently exists up Shawan Run (earlier called "Old Wagon Road Run") and across country to the vicinity of the High School and "Mountain Top" where it crosses Rt 50.

From "Mountain Top" near Ebenezer Church and the High School to the South Branch the route is not clear. It may come into Romney just south of Rt. 50 at the west end of town and head north on a ridge above Depot Valley Road to "Valley View" (presently the Mayhew brick home overlooking the river valley) and then into the valley and turn south to a crossing point. It continues west crossing near "Piss Pot Island" (see Fry & Jefferson map) and through Mechanicsburg Gap. It continues west-northwest to Pattersons Creek by way of Beaver Run to about the area of Headsville. It continues to Fort Ashby (Keller's) where it forks.

One fork follows Patterson's Creek to its mouth where it crosses to the Maryland side and continues to Cumberland. The other fork goes to Short Gap (Creamer's) and crosses the North Branch behind Allegheny Ballistics opposite Pinto where Lawrence Washington had two grants on the West Virginia side of the river. It continues to Cumberland on the Maryland side of the river.

   Braddock's Road comes from north of Winchester entering Hampshire County at Whitacre and through Bloomery along Bloomery Run to the Cacapon River. It turns north along the Cacapon until the North River has joined it and then crosses to the "third day camp" on the west bank. It goes overland to Spring Gap Mountain, cross at the Spring Gap and then down to the Little Cacapon about 6 miles from its mouth. It follows the Little Cacapon to its mouth at "Ferry Field" or "Friend Cox's" where it crosses to the Maryland side and continues on to Cumberland.

   There are currently two projects that we know of that are trying to publish detailed maps of these routes. One project by Norman Baker has produced an atlas of the road entitled: Braddock's Road: Historical Atlas. It can be purchased here: