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A New Venture in Digital Archiving

   With this new section is beginning a new phase of archiving the history of West Virginia's oldest county. Due to the foresight and generosity of a Louisa Hardy, a descendant of owners of the Keller Hotel, we are presenting here digitized versions of the Keller Hotel register. This wonderful collection gives us an insight into business in Hampshire County and into the prominence of Romney on the Northwestern Turnpike. It shows us how locals from the county in the days of horseback travel and wagons would spend a night or two in Romney on their business trips, and it also shows us how visitors from far away stopped in Romney. Also seen are the traveling salesmen who made use of the hotel's special room where salesmen could set up a display of their wares and carry on business.

The images of the hotel register shown on these pages have been edited for web use. We are keeping a higher resolution version for archiving with some major archives and other research libraries, but the images here have been edited for fast loading and conservation of space on our internet web server. The web version is about one-eighth to one-tenth the size of the version we will place in libraries. We would appreciate your comments. See the contact page for info on how to contact us.

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   The Keller Hotel in Romney, West Virginia, began as the Armstrong House on Lot 86. It may have been built around 1800. In 1848 Thomas A. Keller bought it. During its time in the Keller family is was known as the Keller House or Keller Hotel. The name was later changed to the Century Hotel before it was sold and then in 1913 torn down for the New Century Hotel which opened in 1915.

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   1902 Romney Ads Blotter Page
   1887 Cumberland Ads Blotter Page
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  • c. 1800 the Armstrong House is built as a hotel in Romney.
  • by 1834 the Northwestern Pike reached Romney; by 1838 it reached Parkersburg on the western edge of the state.
  • 1848 Thomas A. Keller buys the Armstrong House; it becomes the Keller House or Keller Hotel.
  • July 31, 1857 Mr. Ehlen of Hampshire mines, Virginia registers
  • Dec. 21, 1864 members of the 22 Pennsylvania Cavalry register at the Keller Hotel
  • Sept. 6, 1866 Daniel Blue swears allegiance to the Throne of England, Scotland and Switzerland in Register.
  • March 1, 1866 A. W. Kercheval, Attorney, registers
  • Christmas Day, 1867 Adam Parish, proprietor of "The Armstrong House" is stabbed and killed during a scuffle by Charles Harmison, son of Jonathan Harmison of the Virginia Hotel, who was very drunk. Harmison was arrested to await trial. (Shepherdsontown Register, Jan. 4, 1868)
  • March 5, 1872 Members of Coles Circus register at Keller Hotel
  • 1884 The South Branch Railroad Company completes rail line from Green Spring to Romney
  • 1887-1888 winter included powerful blizzards; record cold, snowfalls were recorded worldwide. (Krakatau)[weather]
  • 1890 first commercial peach orchard established by G.P. Miller & I.H.C. Pancake about 3 miles east of Romney.
  • July 31, 1896, William Jennings Bryan of Lincoln, Neb. registers
  • August 4, 1896 William McKinley registers during his campaign for the Presidency
  • Oct. 30, 1896 William Jennings Bryan registers while campaigning for the Presidency
  • 1896, Tuesday, November 3, Election Day - William McKinley defeats Democrat William Jennings Bryan (see p. 33)
  • June 3, 1898 the Keyser Band and large number of people in town for Decoration Day (?)
  • June 27, 1902 the first register banner saying "Keller's Century Hotel"
  • March 6, 1907 J. I. Keller has rented the Keller House to William Hendrickson, formerly of Moorefield, but more recently of Maysville, Grant County.
  • April 3, 1907 Keller's Hotel caught fire Sunday evening and it was only because of the timely discovery of the blaze that there was not a conflagration in the upper end of town. A number of persons were sitting in the office when the blaze was discovered in the kitchen. The blaze was sweeping up the stairway at a furious rate, but by prompt and vigorous efforts it was quickly subdued.[see Tidbits of History]
  • September 25, 1907 Carrie Nation, the Temperance advocate, registers at the Keller Hotel
  • September 26, 1907 Margaret Vanderbilt of New York registers at the Keller Hotel
  • Oct. 1910 Hampshire Southern Railroad Company opens railroad from Romney to Moorefield; later the line was extended to Petersburg by the Moorefield and Virginia Railroad Company
  • September 1913 The old Keller property (Century Hotel) has been sold to a number of local people. A Modern Hotel [New Century Hotel] to be erected in Romney on site of the Old Century Hotel. [Review]