This list is compiled from the memorial in the Hampshire County Courthouse "CHMemorial" as well as from The Wappocomo: Service Men's Issue, Volume XVI, Number 2, Romney, West Virginia, Thursday, November 9, 1944 "Wap11-44". It also includes names shown in the Hampshire Review's Veterans Day insert for 2008 "Review 11-5-08" and 2009 "Review11-11-09". Finally, the list has been compared to the Memorial for those who died in the war on the grounds of the West Virginia State Capital in Charleston "WVM"; names listed there as died but not shown as such in our Courthouse are shown in italics. "IMcem" denotes information gathered from gravestones at Indian Mound Cemetery.

Hampshire County Veterans of WWII S-Z

lastname firstname status source
Sanders Robert M. CHMemorial
Sanders Allen B. CHMemorial
Sanders Charles W. CHMemorial
Sanders Elmer B. CHMemorial
Sanders Richard G. CHMemorial
Sanders Roger P. CHMemorial
Satterfield James H. CHMemorial
Saville Vernon N. CHMemorial
Saville Buford L. CHMemorial
Saville Carl O. CHMemorial
Saville David B. CHMemorial
Saville Richard CHMemorial
Saville Earl CHMemorial
Saville Ernest A. CHMemorial
Saville George R. CHMemorial
Saville Glenn E. CHMemorial
Saville Harold CHMemorial
Saville Harry A. CHMemorial
Saville Harry R. CHMemorial
Saville John D. CHMemorial
Saville Julis B. CHMemorial
Saville Junior C. CHMemorial
Saville Lloyd C. CHMemorial
Saville Myrl D. CHMemorial
Saville Ralph M. CHMemorial
Saville Ralph P. CHMemorial
Saville Ray W. CHMemorial
Saville Robert B. CHMemorial
Saville Roy Andrew CHMemorial
Saville Frank CHMemorial
Saville Roy L. CHMemorial
Saville Leo G. CHMemorial
Saville Leonard M. CHMemorial
Saville Oliver C died CHMemorial
Saville Vincent E. CHMemorial
Saville William A. CHMemorial
Saville William A. CHMemorial
Saville William V. CHMemorial
Scanlon Edgar J. CHMemorial
Schaffenaker Charles S. CHMemorial
Schnibbe James L. CHMemorial
Schuller Andrew A. CHMemorial
Schuller Beery A. CHMemorial
Seaton Charles D. CHMemorial
Sebold Francis A. Jr. CHMemorial
See Harold E. CHMemorial
See Elson "Buck" Review11-11-09
See Elson M. CHMemorial
See Garland O. CHMemorial
See Gerald J. CHMemorial
See Thurman L. CHMemorial
Seeders John CHMemorial
Seeders Lee CHMemorial
Seldon Kenneth E. CHMemorial
Self Denver S. CHMemorial
Sevier Jesse M. CHMemorial
Shanholtz French CHMemorial
Shanholtz Lonnie J. CHMemorial
Shanholtz Earl J. CHMemorial
Shanholtz Byron O. CHMemorial
Shanholtz Charles D. CHMemorial
Shanholtz Charles N. CHMemorial
Shanholtz Cleon E. CHMemorial
Shanholtz Daniel S. CHMemorial
Shanholtz Hill C. CHMemorial
Shanholtz Iven F. CHMemorial
Shanholtz James W. CHMemorial
Shanholtz Lester W. CHMemorial
Shanholtz Lyle A. CHMemorial
Shanholtz Norman E. CHMemorial
Shanholtz Paul B. CHMemorial
Shanholtz Paul L. CHMemorial
Shanholtz Ralph E. CHMemorial
Shanholtz R.W. CHMemorial
Shanholtz Wesley J. CHMemorial
Shanholtz Wilbur S. CHMemorial
Shanholtzer Allen J. CHMemorial
Shanholtzer Chas H. CHMemorial
Shanholtzer Garland C. CHMemorial
Shank Charles W. CHMemorial
Shank William Flourney died CHMemorial
Shaw Frank E. CHMemorial
Shaw Gladys CHMemorial
Shawen Harold E. CHMemorial
Shawen James R. CHMemorial
Shawen Leroy A. CHMemorial
Shear Lazarus CHMemorial
Shelley Charles E. CHMemorial
Shelly Charles T. CHMemorial
Shifflett Edward A. Sr. Review11-5-08
Shingleton Arno W. CHMemorial
Shingleton Blakely V.. CHMemorial
Shingleton Dorsey E. CHMemorial
Shingleton Glenn E. CHMemorial
Shingleton Hetzel W. CHMemorial
Shingleton Hoy G. CHMemorial
Shingleton Marvin W. CHMemorial
Shingleton Richard G. CHMemorial
Shobe William W. CHMemorial
Shockey Frank J. CHMemorial
Shoemaker Earl C. CHMemorial
Shoemaker James G. CHMemorial
Shoemaker Orville W. Wap11-44
Shoemaker Willis R. CHMemorial
Showalter Charles R. CHMemorial
Shriver Harlold L. CHMemorial
Shrout Albert F. CHMemorial
Shrout Carl F. CHMemorial
Shrout James L. CHMemorial
Shrout Joe V. CHMemorial
Shrout Lawerence R. CHMemorial
Shrout Richard C. CHMemorial
Shultz Homer F. CHMemorial
Shultz Roy S. CHMemorial
Shumaker William died CHMemorial
Simmons Irvin R. CHMemorial
Simmons Kennith J. CHMemorial
Simon James O. died CHMemorial
Sine Fleet W. CHMemorial
Sine Marvin R. CHMemorial
Sine Richard CHMemorial
Sine William F. CHMemorial
Sions Paige F. CHMemorial
Sipes Earnest H. CHMemorial
Sirbaugh Clarence W. CHMemorial
Sirbaugh Dallas O. CHMemorial
Sirbaugh Elza V. CHMemorial
Sirbaugh Floyd E. CHMemorial
Sirbaugh Harry G. CHMemorial
Sirbaugh Lynn O. CHMemorial
Sirbaugh Wallice R. CHMemorial
Sirk Eugene L. CHMemorial
Sirk Giser H. CHMemorial
Sirk William C. CHMemorial
Sitar John G. CHMemorial
Skinner Charles G. CHMemorial
Slane Davis E. CHMemorial
Slater William L. CHMemorial
Slonaker Afton D. CHMemorial
Slonaker Arthur G. CHMemorial
Slonaker Melvin O. CHMemorial
Smith Alston C. Review11-11-09
Smith Charles E. CHMemorial
Smith Conrad F. CHMemorial
Smith Eugene J. CHMemorial
Smith Francis W. CHMemorial
Smith Fred L. CHMemorial
Smith George W. CHMemorial
Smith Harold H. CHMemorial
Smith Harry Leroy died WVM-Wap11-44
Smith Harvey T. CHMemorial
Smith Henry CHMemorial
Smith Howard G. CHMemorial
Smith Jesse CHMemorial
Smith Lee R. CHMemorial
Smith Lowell CHMemorial
Smith Loyd W. CHMemorial
Smith Marvin L. CHMemorial
Smith Porter Review11-11-09
Smith Roy E.** CHMemorial
Smith Theodore R. died CHMemorial
Smith Warren H. CHMemorial
Smith William R. Jr. CHMemorial
Smoot Roy C. CHMemorial
Smoot Carl B. CHMemorial
Smoot Marvin O. CHMemorial
Smoot Ray C. CHMemorial
Smoot Rodney W. CHMemorial
Smoot Russell R. CHMemorial
Snarr John M. Jr. CHMemorial
Sneathen Melvin L. CHMemorial
Snyder Carl W. CHMemorial
Snyder Elmer c. CHMemorial
Snyder Glendie F. CHMemorial
Snyder John S. CHMemorial
Snyder Marshall L. CHMemorial
Sontebraker Elmer F. CHMemorial
Sontebraker Harrison* CHMemorial
Southerly Charles W. CHMemorial
Sowers Donald O. CHMemorial
Sowers Garland R. CHMemorial
Sowers Kyle S. CHMemorial
Spaid Giles H. CHMemorial
Spaid Boyd CHMemorial
Spaid AlonzO H. CHMemorial
Spaid Charles A. CHMemorial
Spaid Clifton B. CHMemorial
Spaid Clyde W. CHMemorial
Spaid Eldon W. CHMemorial
Spaid Glen L. CHMemorial
Spaid Guy W. CHMemorial
Spaid James S. CHMemorial
Spaid Lyle R. CHMemorial
Spaid Paul R. CHMemorial
Spaid Robert L. CHMemorial
Spaid Russell L. CHMemorial
Sparks Fred L. Jr. CHMemorial
Speelman Charles R. CHMemorial
Speelman Frank J. CHMemorial
Speelman John W. CHMemorial
Speelman Roy E. Jr. CHMemorial
Speelman Sylvester O. CHMemorial
Spicer Joseph D. CHMemorial
Spring Chester M. CHMemorial
Spurling Lawerence R. CHMemorial
Stalnaker Burr CHMemorial
Starnes Herbet D. CHMemorial
Starnes Wayne W. CHMemorial
Staub Earl F. Jr. CHMemorial
Staub William S. CHMemorial
Steedman James F. CHMemorial
Stein William L. CHMemorial
Stevenson William T. CHMemorial
Steward George W. CHMemorial
Stewart John W. CHMemorial
Stickley Marvin T. CHMemorial
Stickley Wade H. CHMemorial
Stickley William R. CHMemorial
Stonebreaker Robert A. CHMemorial
Stonebreaker Kennith W. CHMemorial
Stonebreaker Louis J. CHMemorial
Streets Robert D. CHMemorial
Streets James W. Jr. CHMemorial
Streets John R. CHMemorial
Strieby Edward L. CHMemorial
Strosnider Virgil D. CHMemorial
Strosnider Walter M. CHMemorial
Strother Howard A. CHMemorial
Strother Marvin W. CHMemorial
Strother Ralph L. CHMemorial
Strother Robert G. CHMemorial
Stump George A. CHMemorial
Stump Milton H. CHMemorial
Sulser Charles F. CHMemorial
Sulser Charles T. CHMemorial
Sulser Floyd W. CHMemorial
Sulser Garland E. died CHMemorial
Sulser Harry A. CHMemorial
Sulser Robert A. CHMemorial
Swick Allen A. CHMemorial
Swick Charles R. CHMemorial
Swisher Everett H. CHMemorial
Swisher Glennard D. CHMemorial
Swisher Rex D. CHMemorial
Sword Charles A. CHMemorial
Sword Jack died CHMemorial
Taulelle Paul Review11-11-09
Taylor James I. died CHMemorial
Taylor Kenneth M. died CHMemorial
Taylor Wesley M. CHMemorial
Tharp Eugene W. died CHMemorial
Thomas Junior A. CHMemorial
Thomas Leonard C. Review11-5-08
Thomas William K. CHMemorial
Thomas William R. CHMemorial
Thompson Charles E. CHMemorial
Thompson Eugene e. CHMemorial
Thompson Harwell B. CHMemorial
Thompson Jimmie CHMemorial
Thompson Loudoun L. CHMemorial
Thompson James R. Jr. CHMemorial
Timbrook Adrin I. CHMemorial
Timbrook Allen V. CHMemorial
Timbrook Dilbert S. CHMemorial
Timbrook Elwood C. CHMemorial
Timbrook Fred D. CHMemorial
Timbrook Guy W. CHMemorial
Timbrook John CHMemorial
Timbrook John R. CHMemorial
Timbrook Leo F. CHMemorial
Timbrook Millard died CHMemorial
Timbrook Paul D. CHMemorial
Timbrook Robert J. CHMemorial
Timbrook Sam L. CHMemorial
Timbrook Woodrow W. CHMemorial
Topper Edward T. CHMemorial
Tornese Frank E. CHMemorial
Tripplet Bernard E. CHMemorial
Truman Calthorpe CHMemorial
Truman Farley CHMemorial
Turner Emory V. CHMemorial
Turner Arnold B. CHMemorial
Turner Homer F. CHMemorial
Turner Howerd E. CHMemorial
Tutwiler Jonathan R. CHMemorial
Twigg Claud C. CHMemorial
Twigg Ellis CHMemorial
Twigg James W. CHMemorial
Twigg Wilbur E. CHMemorial
Ullery Russell W. CHMemorial
Ullery Francis M. CHMemorial
Ullery Hollie A. Jr. CHMemorial
Ullery John S. CHMemorial
Veach Jasper H. CHMemorial
Veach Ulysses Review11-5-08
Veach William A. CHMemorial
Virts John E. CHMemorial
Voit Kennith F. CHMemorial
Vorbach Melvin J. Review11-11-09
Wagoner Chester B. CHMemorial
Wagoner Claud M. CHMemorial
Wagoner Dewey R. CHMemorial
Wagoner Donald D. CHMemorial
Wagoner Edward P. CHMemorial
Wagoner Elmer E. CHMemorial
Wagoner James W. CHMemorial
Wagoner Lawerence H. CHMemorial
Wagoner Samuel L. CHMemorial
Wagoner Walter R. CHMemorial
Wakeman Eugene Review11-5-08
Walker Holland I. CHMemorial
Walker James died CHMemorial
Walls Wesley C. CHMemorial
Washburn Edward D. CHMemorial
Washington Robert C. CHMemorial
Welker Harold L. CHMemorial
Watson Harry T. Jr. CHMemorial
Whetzel Harold L. CHMemorial
Whetzel Carl B. CHMemorial
Whetzel James G. CHMemorial
Whetzel Junior G. CHMemorial
Whetzel Lawerence S. CHMemorial
Whetzel Vernon L. CHMemorial
Whetzel Virgil A. CHMemorial
Whetzel Harry K. CHMemorial
Whetzel Simon T. CHMemorial
Whipp Maurice D. CHMemorial
Whitacre Arthur C. CHMemorial
Whitacre Chauncey L. CHMemorial
Whitacre Clarence L. CHMemorial
Whitacre Conrad W. CHMemorial
Whitacre Garland E. CHMemorial
Whitacre Jesse J. CHMemorial
Whitacre Leslie L. CHMemorial
Whitacre Lloyd G. CHMemorial
Whitacre Luther E. CHMemorial
Whitacre Roy S. CHMemorial
Whitacre Tony G. CHMemorial
Whitacre Wilbur L. CHMemorial
Whiteman Charles T. died CHMemorial
Whitford Eugene D. CHMemorial
Whitford Gilbert D. CHMemorial
Whitford Robert N. CHMemorial
Williams Charles M. CHMemorial
Williams Eugene S. IMcem
Williams Manning H. CHMemorial
Williams Tillman F. CHMemorial
Williamson George L. CHMemorial
Willis Blair G. CHMemorial
Wills James B. CHMemorial
Wilson Earl T. CHMemorial
Wilson George H. CHMemorial
Wilson Raymond E. CHMemorial
Wilson Laurence CHMemorial
Wilson Harvy R. CHMemorial
Wilson Roy F. CHMemorial
Wilson Welton W. CHMemorial
Wilson Willard R. CHMemorial
Wiltrout Floyd CHMemorial
Wince Charles H. CHMemorial
Wince Harry G. CHMemorial
Wince Henery F. CHMemorial
Wine Lanty J. CHMemorial
Winemiller James W. CHMemorial
Wise Alvin CHMemorial
Wise Bud CHMemorial
Wise Charles W. CHMemorial
Wise Herman CHMemorial
Wolf John T. CHMemorial
Wolfe Arthur S. CHMemorial
Wolfe Hetzel T. CHMemorial
Wolfe Ralph D. CHMemorial
Wolfe Richard L. CHMemorial
Wolfe William W. CHMemorial
Wolford Byron E. CHMemorial
Wolford Robert E. CHMemorial
Wolford Verlis G. CHMemorial
Wolford Charles E. CHMemorial
Wolford Charles O. Jr. CHMemorial
Wolford Delyle R. CHMemorial
Wolford Fred O. CHMemorial
Wolford George S. CHMemorial
Wolford Grady H. Jr. CHMemorial
Wolford Guy W. CHMemorial
Wolford Harold B. CHMemorial
Wolford Homer E. CHMemorial
Wolford Paul C. Jr. CHMemorial
Wolford Richard R. CHMemorial
Wolford Roy R. CHMemorial
Wolford Sherman E. CHMemorial
Wolford Sloan A. CHMemorial
Wolford William E. CHMemorial
Woods Julian C. CHMemorial
Woodson Walter E. CHMemorial
Woodward Vaughn H. CHMemorial
Workman Clarence B. CHMemorial
Wotring John M. Jr. CHMemorial
Wright James E. CHMemorial
Wyand Fred B. CHMemorial
Yost Eskridge CHMemorial
Yost Cleave E. CHMemorial
Zeilor William W. CHMemorial
Zimmerman Kitty C. CHMemorial
Zirk Garett B. CHMemorial
Zirk Robert L. CHMemorial
Zirk Walter C. CHMemorial