This list is compiled from the memorial in the Hampshire County Courthouse "CHMemorial" as well as from The Wappocomo: Service Men's Issue, Volume XVI, Number 2, Romney, West Virginia, Thursday, November 9, 1944 "Wap11-44". It also includes names shown in the Hampshire Review's Veterans Day insert for 2008 "Review 11-5-08" and 2009 "Review11-11-09". Finally, the list has been compared to the Memorial for those who died in the war on the grounds of the West Virginia State Capital in Charleston "WVM"; names listed there as died but not shown as such in our Courthouse are shown in italics.

Hampshire County Veterans of WWII M-R

lastname firstname status source
Malcolm Henry B. CHMemorial
Malcolm Vance E. CHMemorial
Malcolm William R. died WVM-CHMemorial
Manning Leo CHMemorial
Mantz Merrell C. CHMemorial
Maphis Albert W. CHMemorial
Maphis Allen C. CHMemorial
Maphis Dailey L. CHMemorial
Maphis Garland E. CHMemorial
Maphis James W. died CHMemorial
Maphis Paul D. CHMemorial
Maphis Paul M. CHMemorial
Martin Forrest S. CHMemorial
Martin Harding E. CHMemorial
Martin Richard M. CHMemorial
Martin John H. CHMemorial
Martin Kenneth A. CHMemorial
Martin Luther G. Jr. CHMemorial
Martin Frank E. CHMemorial
Martin Walter H. Jr. CHMemorial
Martin William K. CHMemorial
Martin William N. CHMemorial
Martin William T. CHMemorial
Martin Michael M. CHMemorial
Maslowski Walt Review11-11-09
Mason Calvin C. CHMemorial
Mason Clarence D. CHMemorial
Mason Marshall W.F. CHMemorial
Mason Thomas A. CHMemorial
Masters Forrest D. CHMemorial
Mauk Wallace H. CHMemorial
Mauk Joseph F.W. CHMemorial
Mauk Milton L. CHMemorial
Mayhew Arthur R. CHMemorial
Mayhew Della Susan CHMemorial
Mayhew Ernest J. CHMemorial
Mayhew Ernest J. CHMemorial
Mayhew Robert D. CHMemorial
McAllister Lawrence CHMemorial
McBride Calvin J. CHMemorial
McBride Carl W. CHMemorial
McBride Cecil R. CHMemorial
McBride Charles A. CHMemorial
McBride Chester R. CHMemorial
McBride Gold W. CHMemorial
McBride Hetzel died CHMemorial
McBride Howard L. CHMemorial
McBride Marshall L. CHMemorial
McBride Ray A. CHMemorial
McBride Robert L. CHMemorial
McBride Roland E. CHMemorial
McCauley Irvin W. CHMemorial
McCombs James P. CHMemorial
McDonald Arlo W. CHMemorial
McDonald Casey C. CHMemorial
McDonald Elmer I. CHMemorial
McDonald Gilbert N. CHMemorial
McDonald Howard L. CHMemorial
McDonald James L. CHMemorial
McDonald Lt. Julia, R.N. Rev-12/24/43
McDonald Marion B. CHMemorial
McDonald Maurice S. CHMemorial
McDonald Melvin D. CHMemorial
McDonald Raymond E. CHMemorial
McGee Wilbert D. CHMemorial
McGee Dane A. CHMemorial
McKee Kenneth B. CHMemorial
McKee Lloyd W. CHMemorial
McKee Robert D. CHMemorial
McNeill William R. CHMemorial
Meaner Raymond CHMemorial
Meek Harry W. CHMemorial
Mellon Ira A. CHMemorial
Merritt Clark B. CHMemorial
Merritt James K. CHMemorial
Merritt Norment D. CHMemorial
Merritt William H. CHMemorial
Messick Garrett T. Jr. CHMemorial
Method Frank L. CHMemorial
Method Sterling L. CHMemorial
Mezzatesta Tony Review11-5-08
Michael Andrew H. CHMemorial
Michael Boyd W. CHMemorial
Michael Earl P. CHMemorial
Michael Gean R. CHMemorial
Michael Luke W. CHMemorial
Michael Maurice O. died CHMemorial
Michael Hartzell A. CHMemorial
Michael Raymond L. CHMemorial
Michael William A. CHMemorial
Miller Garland E. CHMemorial
Miller Bruce C. CHMemorial
Miller Charles E. CHMemorial
Miller Robert T. CHMemorial
Miller Clarence V. CHMemorial
Miller Daniel W. CHMemorial
Miller Elroy W. CHMemorial
Miller Foster R. CHMemorial
Miller George A. CHMemorial
Miller Harold L. CHMemorial
Miller Isaac E. Jr. CHMemorial
Miller James E. CHMemorial
Miller Jesse A. died CHMemorial
Miller Marshall L. CHMemorial
Miller Paul E. CHMemorial
Miller Paul E. CHMemorial
Miller Robert C. CHMemorial
Miller Sloan O. CHMemorial
Miller Thomas M. CHMemorial
Milleson William W. CHMemorial
Milleson Paul A. CHMemorial
Mongold John A. CHMemorial
Mongold Omer V. CHMemorial
Mongold Joseph E. CHMemorial
Mongold William F. CHMemorial
Moreland Carl E. CHMemorial
Moreland Charles F. CHMemorial
Moreland Dovie H. Jr. CHMemorial
Moreland Eldridge G. CHMemorial
Moreland Gracen E. CHMemorial
Moreland John J. CHMemorial
Moreland Roy H. CHMemorial
Moreland Thomas W. CHMemorial
Moreland Vernon E. CHMemorial
Moreland William A. CHMemorial
Moreland William T. CHMemorial
Moyers Britten J. CHMemorial
Mulledy John P. CHMemorial
Mulledy Kenneth F. CHMemorial
Mulledy Russell CHMemorial
Mullin Lloyd G. CHMemorial
Mullin Donald L. CHMemorial
Mullin John W. CHMemorial
Mullin Theodore O. CHMemorial
Mullin Thomas C. CHMemorial
Mullins James R. CHMemorial
Nazelrod Ivan CHMemorial
Nealis Carl R. CHMemorial
Nealis Earl Review11-5-08
Nealis Garland W. CHMemorial
Nealis Kenneth R. CHMemorial
Nealis Ralph CHMemorial
Nealis Russel E. CHMemorial
Nelson Willard C. CHMemorial
Nesmith Clyde O. CHMemorial
Nesmith Russell A. CHMemorial
Newhouse Claudius A. CHMemorial
Newhouse David E. CHMemorial
Newhouse George Y. CHMemorial
Newhouse Junius died CHMemorial
Newhouse Melvin L. CHMemorial
Nickleson James R. CHMemorial
Nickleson Ralph G. CHMemorial
Nixon John K. CHMemorial
Nogle George E. CHMemorial
Oates [5] SSgt. Arthur E. CHMemorial
Oates Arthur E. CHMemorial
Oates Carson C. CHMemorial
Oates [5] Pvt. Charles D. CHMemorial
Oates Eugene C. CHMemorial
Oates Forrest W. CHMemorial
Oates Guy J. CHMemorial
Oates John E. CHMemorial
Oates Max CHMemorial
Oates [5] SSgt. Paul D. CHMemorial
Oates Ray F. CHMemorial
Oates [5] Lt. Robert F. CHMemorial
Oates Robert W. CHMemorial
Oates Roy J. Wap11-44
Oates Virgil L. CHMemorial
Oates Willard L. CHMemorial
Oates [5] Cpl. Willam R. CHMemorial
Omps Melvin C. CHMemorial
Orndorff Bruce W. CHMemorial
Orndorff Ivan L. CHMemorial
Orndorff Jacob S. CHMemorial
Orndorff Phillip S. CHMemorial
Orndorff Winfred W. CHMemorial
Oschman Herbert A. CHMemorial
Ours Elvin D. CHMemorial
Ours Jack L. CHMemorial
Palmer Conrad O. CHMemorial
Palmer Garland B. CHMemorial
Palmer Eldridge F. CHMemorial
Palmer Russell E. CHMemorial
Pancake Claud A. CHMemorial
Pancake Lee A. CHMemorial
Park Clifford G.* CHMemorial
Park Ivan W. CHMemorial
Park James G. Jr. Review11-11-09
Park James O. Jr. CHMemorial
Parker Clifford C. "Manny" CHMemorial
Parker John A. CHMemorial
Parker John Jr. CHMemorial
Parker Leon W. CHMemorial
Parker Walter A. CHMemorial
Parker William V. CHMemorial
Parks Virgil V. died CHMemorial
Parry Robert E. CHMemorial
Parry William R. CHMemorial
Parsons Charles W. Jr. CHMemorial
Parsons Clifton h. CHMemorial
Parsons Ralph U. CHMemorial
Patterson Ellis H. Jr. CHMemorial
Patterson Howell D. CHMemorial
Patterson Robert B. CHMemorial
Payne Eugene W. CHMemorial
Payne James k. CHMemorial
Payne Oren G. CHMemorial
Peer Floyd C. CHMemorial
Peer Ray W. CHMemorial
Pepper Lionel B. CHMemorial
Pepper Rodney D. CHMemorial
Peters Alonzo D. CHMemorial
Peters Marvin W. CHMemorial
Peters Orland E. CHMemorial
Pezzanite Joseph J. CHMemorial
Pfile Arthur W. CHMemorial
Poland Dailey L. CHMemorial
Poland James W. CHMemorial
Poland Junior W. CHMemorial
Poland Lewis R. CHMemorial
Poland Lloyd A. CHMemorial
Poland Neil C. CHMemorial
Poland Paul G. CHMemorial
Poland Watson C. CHMemorial
Post Clay Q. CHMemorial
Potter Ward E. Jr. CHMemorial
Powell Glenn M. CHMemorial
Powell Lloyd C. CHMemorial
Powell Robert W. CHMemorial
Powell William I. CHMemorial
Powers Charles f. CHMemorial
Pownall Elmo B. CHMemorial
Pownall Howard M. CHMemorial
Pownall Marvin L. Sr. CHMemorial
Pownall John H. CHMemorial
Pownall Wilco A. CHMemorial
Pownall William F. died CHMemorial
Puffinberge Claude C. CHMemorial
Puffinberger Grover N. CHMemorial
Puffinberger Leo M. CHMemorial
Puffinberger Oather P. CHMemorial
Puffinberger W.L. Jr. CHMemorial
Pugh Blair F. CHMemorial
Pugh Harry K. CHMemorial
Pugh Lewis D. CHMemorial
Pugh Paul W. CHMemorial
Pugh Ray C. CHMemorial
Purtlebaugh Elsworth CHMemorial
Pyles Clatus E. CHMemorial
Pyles Harley S. CHMemorial
Pyles Edwin D. CHMemorial
Pyles James B. CHMemorial
Pyles John D. CHMemorial
Pyle John S. CHMemorial
Racey James E. CHMemorial
Racey Martin E. CHMemorial
Racey John E. CHMemorial
Racey Leonard E. CHMemorial
Racy Leonard L. CHMemorial
Raines Andrew C. CHMemorial
Raines Clifton R. CHMemorial
Raines George W. CHMemorial
Raines Robert V. CHMemorial
Ramsburg Paul F. CHMemorial
Rannells Clarence R. CHMemorial
Rannells John H. CHMemorial
Rannells Page W. CHMemorial
Rannels Robert J. CHMemorial
Reel George A. CHMemorial
Reel James F. CHMemorial
Ricewick Clifton R. died CHMemorial
Ricewick James F. CHMemorial
Richmond James L. CHMemorial
Riggleman Alonzo F. CHMemorial
Riggleman Ben CHMemorial
Riggleman Garland W. CHMemorial
Riggleman Hartzell A. CHMemorial
Riggleman John E. CHMemorial
Riggleman Llewelyn F. CHMemorial
Riggleman Merl V. CHMemorial
Riggleman Perry B. CHMemorial
Riley Eugene K. CHMemorial
Riley Marvin L. CHMemorial
Riley William J. CHMemorial
Rinker Alonzo R. CHMemorial
Rinker Carl died CHMemorial
Rinker Harry died CHMemorial
Rinker Ivan G. CHMemorial
Rinker Lawerence A. CHMemorial
Rinker Loren W. CHMemorial
Rinker Marvin W. CHMemorial
Rinker Carl J. CHMemorial
Roach John S. CHMemorial
Roach William C. CHMemorial
Roahrbaugh Julius A. CHMemorial
Roberts Douglas CHMemorial
Robinson Blake R. CHMemorial
Rotruck Herman L. CHMemorial
Roberts Joseph G. CHMemorial
Roberson Amos W. CHMemorial
Robison Earl H. CHMemorial
Rogers Norval I. CHMemorial
Rotruck Roscoe G. CHMemorial
Rouzee Ervin E. CHMemorial
Rouzee Oscar J. died CHMemorial
Rowzee Oscar Benjamin Wap11-44
Rowzee Oscar Benjamin Jr. Wap11-44
Ruckman Cecil C. CHMemorial
Ruckman Cecil E. CHMemorial
Ruckman Leo W. CHMemorial
Ruckman Lorain O. CHMemorial
Ruckman Myrl W. CHMemorial
Ruckman Robert J. Jr. CHMemorial
Ruckman Walter E. CHMemorial
Ruckman Woodrow W. CHMemorial
Rudolph Jacob B. CHMemorial

[5] "So far as is known, the family is the only one in the county with five sons in the service." Review Nov. 10, 1943