This list is compiled from the memorial in the Hampshire County Courthouse "CHMemorial" as well as from The Wappocomo: Service Men's Issue, Volume XVI, Number 2, Romney, West Virginia, Thursday, November 9, 1944 "Wap11-44". It also includes names shown in the Hampshire Review's Veterans Day insert for 2008 "Review 11-5-08" and 2009 "Review11-11-09". Finally, the list has been compared to the Memorial for those who died in the war on the grounds of the West Virginia State Capital in Charleston "WVM"; names listed there as died but not shown as such in our Courthouse are shown in italics.

Hampshire County Veterans of WWII G-L

lastname firstname status source
Ganoe Blair C. CHMemorial
Ganoe Byron G. CHMemorial
Ganoe Clarence W. CHMemorial
Ganoe Edward L. Sr. CHMemorial
Ganoe Eldon W. CHMemorial
Ganoe Floyd D. CHMemorial
Ganoe Jesse L. CHMemorial
Ganoe Junior A. CHMemorial
Ganoe Leland P. CHMemorial
Ganoe Marvin J. CHMemorial
Ganoe Paul W. CHMemorial
Gardner Ray F. CHMemorial
Garlitz Wesley O. CHMemorial
George Dallas M. CHMemorial
Gess Frank W. CHMemorial
Gibson Robert A. CHMemorial
Giffin Edsel F. CHMemorial
Giffin Robert W. CHMemorial
Giffin Roy S. CHMemorial
Ginnevan Bruce L. CHMemorial
Ginnevan David E. CHMemorial
Ginnevan Owen POW Review11-5-08
Ginnevan Paul E. CHMemorial
Gipe Lester Earl CHMemorial
Gladden Calvin J. CHMemorial
Glaze Walter Jr. CHMemorial
Goode Jesse B. CHMemorial
Grace Walter L. Jr. CHMemorial
Graham Lester W. CHMemorial
Graham Marvin L. died CHMemorial
Grapes Allen D. CHMemorial
Grapes Cleo E. died WVM-CHMemorial
Grapes Eugene W. CHMemorial
Grapes Francie R. CHMemorial
Grapes Robert L. CHMemorial
Grapes Waldon O. CHMemorial
Grapes Wallace C. died CHMemorial
Gray Bryan A. CHMemorial
Gray Willard E. CHMemorial
Gray Newton C. CHMemorial
Gregg Richard G. CHMemorial
Grove Lena Annette IMcem
Grove Mark T. CHMemorial
Grubbs Francis L. CHMemorial
Gurtler Elmer E. CHMemorial
Gurtler Floyd E. CHMemorial
Haggerty Harry G. CHMemorial
Haines Kenneth E. CHMemorial
Haines B. Eugene CHMemorial
Haines Dorothy R. CHMemorial
Haines Chester W. CHMemorial
Haines Blair M. Jr. CHMemorial
Haines Blake W. CHMemorial
Haines Brady A. CHMemorial
Haines Charles H. Jr. CHMemorial
Haines Claude E. CHMemorial
Haines Denzil T. died CHMemorial
Haines Earl C. CHMemorial
Haines Edward W. CHMemorial
Haines Eldon C. CHMemorial
Haines Eldridge CHMemorial
Haines Elmo A. CHMemorial
Haines Ferman W. CHMemorial
Haines Harry F died CHMemorial
Haines Jacob W. CHMemorial
Haines James R. CHMemorial
Haines James W. CHMemorial
Haines John D. CHMemorial
Haines Larry R. CHMemorial
Haines Leo D. CHMemorial
Haines Leslie H. CHMemorial
Haines Lloyd C. CHMemorial
Haines Lloyd S. CHMemorial
Haines Loyd C. CHMemorial
Haines Lyndon C. CHMemorial
Haines Norwood H. CHMemorial
Haines Orville F. CHMemorial
Haines Paul W. CHMemorial
Haines Poe W. CHMemorial
Haines Ralph W. CHMemorial
Haines Ray E. CHMemorial
Haines Rex L. CHMemorial
Haines Robert C. CHMemorial
Haines Robert E. CHMemorial
Haines Robert K. CHMemorial
Haines Robert S. CHMemorial
Haines Roy J. CHMemorial
Haines Russell R. CHMemorial
Haines Samuel L. CHMemorial
Haines Vernon G. CHMemorial
Haines Walter L. CHMemorial
Haines William L. CHMemorial
Hamilton Roy Jr. CHMemorial
Hamilton Alton D. CHMemorial
Hamilton Emory L. Jr. CHMemorial
Hamilton Frank S. CHMemorial
Hamilton Guy Edward Review11-5-08
Hammond Ward A. CHMemorial
Hamrick Carl R. CHMemorial
Hannas Curtic H. CHMemorial
Hannas Doriee Jr. CHMemorial
Hannas Elmo D. CHMemorial
Hannas Eugene V. CHMemorial
Hannas Max M. CHMemorial
Hardy Charles J. CHMemorial
Harmison George G. CHMemorial
Harmison Alice N. CHMemorial
Harmison Paul P. died CHMemorial
Harmison Richard F. CHMemorial
Harmison Ruth CHMemorial
Harmison Van E. CHMemorial
Harness John G. CHMemorial
Harness Keith Weldon died WVM-CHMemorial
Harness Marshall O. CHMemorial
Harris Stanley R. CHMemorial
Harrison Woodrow C. CHMemorial
Hartman Charles R. CHMemorial
Hartman Ernest G. CHMemorial
Hartman Floyd E. CHMemorial
Hartman Frank R. CHMemorial
Hartman Glenn E. CHMemorial
Hartman Harry L. CHMemorial
Hartman Mack CHMemorial
Hartman Marvin W. CHMemorial
Hartman Roy E. CHMemorial
Hartman Sara F. [Parker] CHMemorial
Hartman Thurman G. CHMemorial
Haslacker Charles J. CHMemorial
Haslacker James E. CHMemorial
Hawkins Harvey Review11-5-08
Hawkins Warner Review11-5-08
Hawse Arthur K. CHMemorial
Hawse Charles Review11-11-09
Hawse Daniel M. CHMemorial
Hay Charles L. CHMemorial
Heare Leureux O. CHMemorial
Heare Robert D. POW CHMemorial
Heatwole Hubert E. CHMemorial
Heavener George D. CHMemorial
Heavner David F. CHMemorial
Hebb Encil D. CHMemorial
Helman Charles E. CHMemorial
Helman Theodore F. CHMemorial
Henderson Daniel W. CHMemorial
Henderson Lilburn W. CHMemorial
Henderson Harold CHMemorial
Henderson Philip B. CHMemorial
Henderson William H. CHMemorial
Herbaugh Grady V. Jr. CHMemorial
Herriott Charles R. CHMemorial
High Brook A. CHMemorial
Hicks William E. Sr. Review 11-5-08
High Maurice W. CHMemorial
Himelwright Carlton P. CHMemorial
Hines David E. CHMemorial
Hines Harry M. CHMemorial
Hines Harry M. CHMemorial
Hines Leonard S. CHMemorial
Hines Richard M. CHMemorial
Hinkle John L. CHMemorial
Hinkle William R. CHMemorial
Hite Harry W. CHMemorial
Hite Paul W. CHMemorial
Hockman Elmo M. CHMemorial
Hockman Elmo H. CHMemorial
Hockman Lyndell L. CHMemorial
Hockman Roland W. CHMemorial
Hockman Vernon B. CHMemorial
Hockman Waldo W. CHMemorial
Hockman Orville C. CHMemorial
Hodge Elmer C. CHMemorial
Hoke Orval S. CHMemorial
Holliday Donald D. CHMemorial
Holliday Edwin CHMemorial
Holsberry Frederick C. CHMemorial
Hook Brevitt CHMemorial
Hook Cephas Garvin CHMemorial
Hook Edsel H. CHMemorial
Hook John William CHMemorial
Hook Roy A. CHMemorial
Hoover Calvin CHMemorial
Horner Austin J. CHMemorial
Hott Meryle B. CHMemorial
Hott Herman H. JR. CHMemorial
Hott Eugene K. CHMemorial
Hott Eugene S. CHMemorial
Hott Gilbert W. CHMemorial
Hott Harley D. CHMemorial
Hott Harley G. CHMemorial
Hott Herman H. Jr. CHMemorial
Hott Homer H. CHMemorial
Hott Ivon O. CHMemorial
Hott James A. CHMemorial
Hott Kenneth E. CHMemorial
Hott Leroy C. CHMemorial
Hott Paul D. CHMemorial
Hott Riley E. CHMemorial
Hott Robert D. CHMemorial
Hott Russell B. CHMemorial
Hott Stanley G. CHMemorial
Hott Theodore R. CHMemorial
Hott Welton A. CHMemorial
Hott William T. CHMemorial
Hott Arno B. CHMemorial
Hott Baxter O. CHMemorial
Hott Benjamin C. CHMemorial
Hott Carl E. CHMemorial
Hott Carrol O. CHMemorial
Hott Carter A. CHMemorial
Hott Dolen I. CHMemorial
Hott Earl D. CHMemorial
Hott Eldon E. CHMemorial
Hott Elza A. CHMemorial
Hott Ersil Review11-5-08
Hott Ervin G. CHMemorial
Hott Eugene D. CHMemorial
Hott George H. CHMemorial
Householder Boyd C. CHMemorial
Huffman Marion CHMemorial
Hull Harry W. CHMemorial
Iman Virgil H. CHMemorial
Iser Floyd S CHMemorial
Iser Howard C. CHMemorial
Iser Leonard B. CHMemorial
Iser Russell E. CHMemorial
Isner Lester R. CHMemorial
Jackson Paul W. CHMemorial
Jackson Heyward S. CHMemorial
Jenkins Elmer A. CHMemorial
Jenkins Forest J. CHMemorial
Jenkins Prestley S. CHMemorial
Jenkins Robert W. CHMemorial
Johnson Daniel L. CHMemorial
Johnson James H. CHMemorial
Johnson Robert W. CHMemorial
Johnson Ruth G. CHMemorial
Jones Glen Review11-11-09
Judy Elton A. CHMemorial
Judy George E. CHMemorial
Judy Glise W. CHMemorial
Judy Samuel C. CHMemorial
Kackley Charles D. CHMemorial
Kawich Harry CHMemorial
Kearney Charles CHMemorial
Keckley Boyd M. CHMemorial
Keckley Homer E. CHMemorial
Keister Edwin M. CHMemorial
Keister Harold died CHMemorial
Keister Hubert M. CHMemorial
Keister Levin B. CHMemorial
Keister Maynard S. CHMemorial
Keister Harold O. CHMemorial
Keister Arlie D. CHMemorial
Kesiter Dennis E. CHMemorial
Keller Loring C. CHMemorial
Keller Robert E. CHMemorial
Kelley John E. Wap11-44
Kelley Vinning C CHMemorial
Kendall Jack H. CHMemorial
Kenny Joseph S. CHMemorial
Kenny Robert CHMemorial
Kenny Richard E. CHMemorial
Kenny Samuel G. died WVM-CHMemorial
Kenny Bernard P. CHMemorial
Kenny Brady W. CHMemorial
Kern Nathaniel R. CHMemorial
Kerns Thurman E. CHMemorial
Kerns Cecil L. CHMemorial
Kerns David Z. CHMemorial
Kerns Elmer A. CHMemorial
Kerns Ernest C. CHMemorial
Kerns Howard T. CHMemorial
Kerns Nelson H. CHMemorial
Kerns Paul J. CHMemorial
Kerns Ralph S. CHMemorial
Kerns Wilton E. CHMemorial
Kesner Elwood [listed as Elburn] L. CHMemorial
Kesner Glen H. CHMemorial
Kesner Jackson Harold Review11-5-08
Kesner Richard C. CHMemorial
Kesner Sterling S. CHMemorial
Kesner Urban Richard Review11-5-08
Kessel Glen A. CHMemorial
Ketterman Charles W. CHMemorial
Ketterman Lester D. CHMemorial
Kidwell David CHMemorial
Kidwell Emms H** CHMemorial
Kidwell James G. CHMemorial
Kidwell Lynus M. CHMemorial
Kidwell Marshall Jr. CHMemorial
Kidwell James W. CHMemorial
Kidwell Roscoe V. CHMemorial
Kidwell Ujo G.*** CHMemorial
Kidwell Merlyn T. died CHMemorial
Kilmer William H. Review11-5-08
Kimble Dennis F. died WVM-CHMemorial
Kimble Volta E. CHMemorial
King Floyd E. CHMemorial
King Robert F. CHMemorial
Kinnie Thomas S. Jr. CHMemorial
Klein William W. CHMemorial
Kline Hobert O. CHMemorial
Kline Kenneth L. CHMemorial
Kline Kenneth L. CHMemorial
Kline Leslie E. CHMemorial
Kline Morris W. CHMemorial
Kline Paul K. CHMemorial
Kline Willis C. CHMemorial
Kline Eugene CHMemorial
Kline Loring B. CHMemorial
Kline Floyd L. CHMemorial
Koontz James H. CHMemorial
Koontz Robert F. CHMemorial
Krause Reginald F. CHMemorial
Kump Miles A. CHMemorial
Kump Calvin L. CHMemorial
Kuykendall Mary W. CHMemorial
Kuykendall Garrett B. CHMemorial
Kuykendall William F. died CHMemorial
Kyle Robert CHMemorial
Lafollette George CHMemorial
Lafollette Roseby CHMemorial
Lafollette Clyde W. CHMemorial
Lafollette Russell I. CHMemorial
Lafollette Wilbur A. CHMemorial
Lambert James M. CHMemorial
Landes Carl R. CHMemorial
Landis Oliver R. CHMemorial
Landis William C. CHMemorial
Largent Dinzil E. CHMemorial
Largent Earl W. CHMemorial
Largent Eugene H. CHMemorial
Largent William A. died CHMemorial
Larrick Robert V. CHMemorial
Larrick Cecil CHMemorial
Law James M. CHMemorial
Leasure Edward M. CHMemorial
Leatherman Carroll F. CHMemorial
Leatherman Donnell M. CHMemorial
Leatherman Earsel W. CHMemorial
Lee Estel M. CHMemorial
Lee Alex R. Jr. CHMemorial
Lee Carl B. CHMemorial
Lee Clyde D. CHMemorial
Lee Harry B. CHMemorial
Lee Howard L. CHMemorial
Lee Leldon I. CHMemorial
Leigh Junior CHMemorial
Lenhart Doyle H. CHMemorial
Levings Harold P. CHMemorial
Levings William C. CHMemorial
Lewis Vernon R. CHMemorial
Lewis Curtis F. CHMemorial
Lewis Elroy G. Review11-5-08
Lewis Elroy L. CHMemorial
Lewis Isaac T. CHMemorial
Lewis Orra Review11-5-08
Lewis Ray E. CHMemorial
Lewis Raymond C. CHMemorial
Lewis Robert F. CHMemorial
Lewis Russell E. CHMemorial
Lewis William Review11-5-08
Lewis William D. CHMemorial
Likens James D. CHMemorial
Liller Henry B. CHMemorial
Liller Martin F. CHMemorial
Link Ray CHMemorial
Long Blair A. CHMemorial
Long Carl R. CHMemorial
Long Herbert CHMemorial
Long Cletus E. CHMemorial
Long Edward L. CHMemorial
Long Earl T. CHMemorial
Long John W. CHMemorial
Long Robert H. CHMemorial
Long Robert M. CHMemorial
Lowell Horatioal E. CHMemorial
Loy Austin G. CHMemorial
Loy Charles M. CHMemorial
Loy Cleo Jr. CHMemorial
Loy A. Clinton CHMemorial
Loy Garland E. CHMemorial
Ludwick Galen D. CHMemorial
Ludwick Roy E. CHMemorial
Lupton Carl E. CHMemorial
Lupton Clatis C. CHMemorial
Lupton Clifton L. CHMemorial
Lupton Clyde W. CHMemorial
Lupton James R. CHMemorial
Lupton Wilmer A.(?-Odell) died CHMemorial-WVM
Lupton Wilmer Odell Wap11-44
Luttrell Robert V. CHMemorial