This list is compiled from the memorial in the Hampshire County Courthouse "CHMemorial" as well as from The Wappocomo: Service Men's Issue, Volume XVI, Number 2, Romney, West Virginia, Thursday, November 9, 1944 "Wap11-44". It also includes names shown in the Hampshire Review's Veterans Day insert for 2008 "Review 11-5-08" and 2009 "Review11-11-09". Finally, the list has been compared to the Memorial for those who died in the war on the grounds of the West Virginia State Capital in Charleston "WVM"; names listed there as died but not shown as such in our Courthouse are shown in italics.

    In the 2011 Veterans Day insert in the Review is a series of photos that the VFW shared; they are marked as "VFWposter". They were pasted on poster boards and had been displayed in various places in the County until they ended up in storage at the VFW in Romney. Those are the photos shown in the links in these pages. Some are of people whose names did not appear on the Courthouse boards or in the sources listed above.

Hampshire County Veterans of WWII A-F

lastname firstname status source
Adams Elmer H. CHMemorial
Adams Raymond W. CHMemorial
Adams William S. CHMemorial
Ailes Eugene E. CHMemorial
Ailes John C. Review 11-5-08
Alabaugh Orville N. CHMemorial
Albright Lewis E. CHMemorial
Alexander Amy J. CHMemorial
Alkire W. Claude CHMemorial
Alkire Edward V. CHMemorial
Alkire James P. CHMemorial
Alkire Lawrence F. CHMemorial
Alkire Patrick E. CHMemorial
Alkire Robert L. CHMemorial
Alkire Willard died CHMemorial
Allen Edgar E. CHMemorial
Allen Edward C. CHMemorial
Allen Millard CHMemorial
Allen Paul W. CHMemorial
Allen Ralph B. CHMemorial
Allen Roy G. CHMemorial
Allen Willie W. CHMemorial
Allender David R. CHMemorial
Allender Edward W. died CHMemorial
Alt Vernon L. CHMemorial
Ambrose Harry O. CHMemorial
Anderson Carl R. CHMemorial
Anderson Elias CHMemorial
Anderson Charles L. CHMemorial
Anderson Noah W. CHMemorial
Ansel James E. CHMemorial
Ansel Willard M. CHMemorial
Arnold Carl C. CHMemorial
Arnold Donald E. CHMemorial
Arnold Homer R. CHMemorial
Arnold Howard P. CHMemorial
Arnold Jesse E. CHMemorial
Arnold Roy P. CHMemorial
Arnold Russell E. CHMemorial
Arnold Wilford N. CHMemorial
Ayers Esto CHMemorial
Ayers Eston W. died CHMemorial
Ayers Walter G. CHMemorial
Bailey Bernard A. CHMemorial
Bailey Ralph K. CHMemorial
Baird Robert W. Jr. CHMemorial
Baker Edward T. Review11/2011
Baker Francis W. CHMemorial
Baker Fred CHMemorial
Baker Hugh W. CHMemorial
Baker Ralph W. CHMemorial
Baker William M. CHMemorial
Bane Arlis S. CHMemorial
Bane Shannon J. CHMemorial
Barbe Charles R. CHMemorial
Barnes Alvin B. CHMemorial
Barnes Charles F. CHMemorial
Barnes David E. CHMemorial
Barnes Edgar V. CHMemorial
Barnes Elmo A. CHMemorial
Barnes Ray M. CHMemorial
Barnes William N. CHMemorial
Bean Blakie T. CHMemorial
Bean Clarence W. CHMemorial
Bean Cornwell Y. CHMemorial
Bean Harry E. CHMemorial
Bean Ray M. CHMemorial
Bean Lawrence W. CHMemorial
Bean Perry E. CHMemorial
Beatty Garland G. CHMemorial
Beatty Melvin T. CHMemorial
Beatty Russell S. CHMemorial
Bedget Reginald VFWposter
Beery Loy E. CHMemorial
Belford Warren G. CHMemorial
Belford Vernon Review11-5-08
Belt George E. CHMemorial
Belt Mack M. CHMemorial
Belt Willard R. CHMemorial
Bergdoll George E. CHMemorial
Betson James A. CHMemorial
Biddle, Jr. Earle Henry died WVM
Bidinger James H. CHMemorial
Biser Clarence H. CHMemorial
Biser Robert C. CHMemorial
Blackburn Charles E. CHMemorial
Bland James W. CHMemorial
Blizzard Ervin C. CHMemorial
Blizzard Junior K. CHMemorial
Bloom Dennis VFWposter
Bloom Thomas K. CHMemorial
Blosser Chester A. CHMemorial
Blue John R. CHMemorial
Bobo David L. CHMemorial
Bobo Herman M. CHMemorial
Bobo Oscar A. CHMemorial
Bohrer Harley R. died CHMemorial
Boise Charles CHMemorial
Bond John J. CHMemorial
Boone Nelson L. CHMemorial
Bowan Blair N. CHMemorial
Bowen Lawrence O. CHMemorial
Bowen Paul E. CHMemorial
Bowen Willard W. CHMemorial
Bowman Daily O. CHMemorial
Bowman Gerald T. CHMemorial
Bowman George J. CHMemorial
Boyce Emmert A. CHMemorial
Boyce Calbin J. CHMemorial
Boyer Arthur H. CHMemorial
Boyer Ervin died CHMemorial
Boyer Lester W died CHMemorial
Braithwaite Norwood D. CHMemorial
Brandt Charles E. Jr. CHMemorial
Brennan James T. CHMemorial
Brill Alton CHMemorial
Brill George R. CHMemorial
Brill Lawrence D. CHMemorial
Brill Wilbur L. CHMemorial
Brill Winfred G. CHMemorial
Broll Roy G. CHMemorial
Brooks Clifton S. CHMemorial
Brooks Van S. CHMemorial
Brown Ivan L. CHMemorial
Brown James D. CHMemorial
Brown James F. CHMemorial
Brown Junior R. CHMemorial
Brown Marshall M. CHMemorial
Brown Paul R. CHMemorial
Brown Robert L. CHMemorial
Brown Robert T. CHMemorial
Buckbee Jesse M. CHMemorial
Bucklew Kenneth E. CHMemorial
Buckley Elmer H. CHMemorial
Buckley George L. CHMemorial
Buckley Marvin W. CHMemorial
Buckley Olen Review11/2011
Butler Altert H CHMemorial
Caldwell Harold R. CHMemorial
Caldwell Willie R. CHMemorial
Cannon Joseph C. CHMemorial
Cannon Joseph W. CHMemorial
Cannon Marvin G. CHMemorial
Cannon Michael D. CHMemorial
Carder Cecil A. CHMemorial
Carder Homer W. CHMemorial
Carder Cecil A. died CHMemorial
Carder Eston CHMemorial
Carder Eugene F. CHMemorial
Carder Harry A. CHMemorial
Carder James G. CHMemorial
Carder Robert W. CHMemorial
Carlile William W. CHMemorial
Carter Joseph CHMemorial
Catlett John F. CHMemorial
Cessna Paul A. CHMemorial
Chaney Raymond P. CHMemorial
Charlton Burl F. CHMemorial
Cherry Phillip A. CHMemorial
Cheshire Harold E. CHMemorial
Cheshire Clarence A. CHMemorial
Cheshire James F. CHMemorial
Cheshire James W. CHMemorial
Cheshire Thurl E. CHMemorial
Chesshire William R. CHMemorial
Churchill Helen Currau Simerly Review 11-5-08***
Churchill James B. Review 11-5-08
Clark Harley G. CHMemorial
Clayton Walter B. CHMemorial
Clem Leroy S. CHMemorial
Clinedinst Isacc A. CHMemorial
Clinedinst Wade H. Jr. CHMemorial
Clower James B. CHMemorial
Clower Kermit P. CHMemorial
Clower William B. CHMemorial
Coffman Clyde K. CHMemorial
Coleman Joseph CHMemorial
Coleman Patrick F. CHMemorial
Collette Chester A. CHMemorial
Combs Arthur B. CHMemorial
Combs Earl J. CHMemorial
Combs Elzie W. CHMemorial
Combs Ernest E. CHMemorial
Combs Franklin VFWposter
Combs Garland B. died CHMemorial
Combs Granville D. CHMemorial
Combs Levi F. Jr. CHMemorial
Combs Lloyd L. CHMemorial
Combs Louis B. CHMemorial
Combs Madison W. CHMemorial
Combs Marvin E. CHMemorial
Combs Meryl L. CHMemorial
Combs Paul E. CHMemorial
Combs Ralph R. CHMemorial
Combs Wardney S. CHMemorial
Combs Welton C. CHMemorial
Connell John P. Jr. CHMemorial
Conrad Carl L. Sr. CHMemorial
Conrad George H. CHMemorial
Conrad Loring E. CHMemorial
Constable Roy V. CHMemorial
Cookus Clarence H. CHMemorial
Cookman Donald M. CHMemorial
Cooper Eugene H. CHMemorial
Cooper John W. CHMemorial
Cooper Leonard W. CHMemorial
Corbin Adrian M. CHMemorial
Corbin Arthur S. VFWposter
Corbin Charles L. CHMemorial
Corbin David T. Sr. CHMemorial
Corbin De Sales T. CHMemorial
Corbin Elmer T. CHMemorial
Corbin George H. CHMemorial
Corbin Gladys CHMemorial
Corbin Harry M. Jr. CHMemorial
Corbin Helen CHMemorial
Corbin James L. CHMemorial
Corbin James S. CHMemorial
Corbin Lee O. CHMemorial
Corbin Lloyd J. CHMemorial
Corbin Riley W. CHMemorial
Corbin Roy W. CHMemorial
Corbin William N. CHMemorial
Coryell John H. CHMemorial
Cosner Harl D. CHMemorial
Coughenour Robert B. CHMemorial
Coughner Erlin H. CHMemorial
Cowgill Argyl M. CHMemorial
Cox Earl W. CHMemorial
Cox Henry H. CHMemorial
Cox Lincoln CHMemorial
Cox Russell died CHMemorial
Cox Russell J. CHMemorial
Crabtree Charles O. CHMemorial
Crane Glenn L. CHMemorial
Crock Harry R. CHMemorial
Crock Lester T. CHMemorial
Cross Robert G. CHMemorial
Croston Bernard J. CHMemorial
Croston Conrad D. CHMemorial
Crouse Calvin L. CHMemorial
Crouse John C. died WVM-CHMemorial
Crouse Harry W. CHMemorial
Crouse Wilson W. CHMemorial
Cunningham Carl E. CHMemorial
Cunningham James F. CHMemorial
Cupp Jarrett R. CHMemorial
Curran William P. CHMemorial
Dameron Robert P. CHMemorial
Daugherty William E. CHMemorial
Daugherty Guiles O. CHMemorial
Daugherty Howard D. CHMemorial
Davey Milton L. died CHMemorial
Davidson Edward L. CHMemorial
Davidson Garrett B. CHMemorial
Davidson John CHMemorial
Davidson Lester H. CHMemorial
Davidson Luther W. CHMemorial
Davidson Milton L. Jr. CHMemorial
Davis Alvin C. CHMemorial
Davis Arnold J. CHMemorial
Davis Boyd T. CHMemorial
Davis Claude G. CHMemorial
Davis Eugene CHMemorial
Davis George F. CHMemorial
Davis Harold T. CHMemorial
Davis James E. CHMemorial
Davis John F. CHMemorial
Davis John H. CHMemorial
Davis Parsie J. CHMemorial
Davis Robert R. CHMemorial
Davis Robert W. CHMemorial
Davis Sterling died CHMemorial
Davis* Stirling G. CHMemorial
Davis Nelson W. CHMemorial
Davis William B. CHMemorial
Davy Frank S. CHMemorial
Davy Harold E. CHMemorial
Davy James D. CHMemorial
Davy Joseph S. CHMemorial
Davy Lloyd E. CHMemorial
Davy Paul R. CHMemorial
Davy Sterling CHMemorial
Dawson Floyd W. CHMemorial
Dawson James W. CHMemorial
Day Edward F. CHMemorial
Day H. Jack CHMemorial
Day James A. CHMemorial
Day Irvin S. CHMemorial
Day John N. Jr. CHMemorial
Day Joseph CHMemorial
Day Samuel H. CHMemorial
Day William Z. CHMemorial
Dean David A. CHMemorial
Dean Ira F. CHMemorial
Dean Roy E. CHMemorial
Dean Virgil L. CHMemorial
Dean William G. CHMemorial
Del Gallo Oreste Review11-5-08
Dennison Earl J. CHMemorial
Dennison Fred V. CHMemorial
Dent Loren E. CHMemorial
Dent Richard E. CHMemorial
Deskins William M. CHMemorial
Dickens Walter Q. CHMemorial
Doman Charles E. CHMemorial
Doman George D. CHMemorial
Doman James E. CHMemorial
Doman Richard H. CHMemorial
Doman William C. died CHMemorial
Dove Ira D. CHMemorial
Dove Raymond F. CHMemorial
Duckworth Russell died CHMemorial
Duckworth Russell E. CHMemorial
Duncan Calvin N. CHMemorial
Duncan Robert CHMemorial
Durst Lester L. CHMemorial
Durst John B. died CHMemorial
Dyer Richard B. CHMemorial
Easton James F. Jr. CHMemorial
Easton William R. CHMemorial
Eaton Arlington E. VFWposter
Edwards Eugene K. CHMemorial
Edwards Louis L. CHMemorial
Ely Clarence M. CHMemorial
Ely Vernon F. CHMemorial
Emmart Morgan D. CHMemorial
Erickson John CHMemorial
Evans Floyd L. CHMemorial
Evans George H. CHMemorial
Everett Carl C. CHMemorial
Everett Frank W. CHMemorial
Everett Jesse H. CHMemorial
Everett Luther D. CHMemorial
Everett Roy N. CHMemorial
Everett Thomas J. CHMemorial
Everett Victor B. CHMemorial
Everett Walter E. CHMemorial
Everett Willard H. CHMemorial
Everett Worthington L. CHMemorial
Ewers Randolph L. CHMemorial
Farmer Richard S. CHMemorial
Feaster Curtis S. CHMemorial
Fergeson William R. CHMemorial
Fields Eugene P. CHMemorial
Fields Walter H. Jr. CHMemorial
Fishel Robert L. CHMemorial
Fishel Thomas L. CHMemorial
Fisher Ervin CHMemorial
Fisher Manus D. CHMemorial
Fitzgerald John M. Review11-11-09
Fleming James D. CHMemorial
Flora John E. CHMemorial
Flynn Earl Review11-11-09
Foley David Dennis CHMemorial
Foley Harry B. CHMemorial
Foley Lawrence M. CHMemorial
Foley Richard L. CHMemorial
Foltz Carl V. CHMemorial
Foltz Glen A. CHMemorial
Foltz Wilson C. CHMemorial
Foor James G. CHMemorial
Fout George E. CHMemorial
Fox Willis C. CHMemorial
Freeland Charles H. CHMemorial
Friend Lysle V. CHMemorial
Friend William T. CHMemorial
Frye Charles E. CHMemorial
Frye Mervin F. CHMemorial
Frye Raymond M. CHMemorial
Fuller George H. CHMemorial
Fuller Robert L. CHMemorial
Fultz Benjamin H. CHMemorial
Fultz Charles C. CHMemorial
Fultz* William C. CHMemorial??
Fultz Woodrow W. CHMemorial
Funk Clyde CHMemorial