Chapter Index of History of Hampshire County
by Hu Maxwell & H. L. Swisher


Because Hu Maxwell's History of Hampshire County was written in the nineteenth century when indexes were not often included in books we offer here a chapter index of the sections of that text that cover Hampshire County. The more recent editions of the book have a back of book index that deals predominantly with proper names.

Chapter Index includes only chapters dealing with Hampshire County

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Agricultural Affairs313      |Courts and Officers271
Among Old Laws303      |Educational Affairs287
Attorneys493      |Among Old Laws303
Averell Defeats M'Causland656      |Agricultural Affairs313
Bar of Romney493      |Washington, Reminiscences of327
Beginnings of Strife (Civil War)545      |Indian Depredations336
Captain McNeill's Company665      |Money and Currency344
Cemeteries of Romney419      |Revolutionary War348
Civil War543      |Newspapers, Notes on356
Closing Events of the War685      |Records, Among Old361
Courts and Officers271      |Religious Organizations373
Crook and Kelley Captured673      |Land and Landowners392
Educational Affairs287      |Natural Curiosities409
Enlisting Companies (Civil War)590      |Cemeteries of Romney419
Enlisting Continues (Civil War)633      |Romney Literary Society430
Family Sketches699      |Literary Society, Romney430
Frontier Riflemen603      |Literary Workers438
General Kelley's Campaign563      |Schools for the Deaf and Blind463
Imboden's Raid644      |Physicians and Surgeons481
Index745      |Bar of Romney493
Indian Depredations336      |Attorneys493
Industrial Affairs533      |Landscapes Past and Present498
Land and Landowners392      |Industrial Affairs533
Landscapes Past and Present498      |Souvenirs and Curiosities537
Lew Wallace Takes Romney554      |Civil War543
Literary Society, Romney430      |Beginnings of Strife (Civil War)545
Literary Workers438      |Lew Wallace Takes Romney554
Money and Currency344      |General Kelley's Campaign563
Murder of Captain Stump651      |Spying for Jackson571
Natural Curiosities409      |Stonewall Jackson in Romney583
Newspapers, Notes on356      |Enlisting Companies (Civil War)590
One Federal Company641      |Frontier Riflemen603
Others Taking the Field (C. W.)620      |Others Taking the Field (C. W.)620
Physicians and Surgeons481      |Enlisting Continues (Civil War)633
Records, Among Old361      |One Federal Company641
Religious Organizations373      |Imboden's Raid644
Revolutionary War348      |Murder of Captain Stump651
Romney Literary Society430      |Averell Defeats M'Causland656
Schools for the Deaf and Blind463      |Captain McNeill's Company665
Souvenirs and Curiosities537      |Crook and Kelley Captured673
Spying for Jackson571      |Closing Events of the War685
Stonewall Jackson in Romney583      |Family Sketches699
Washington, Reminiscences of327      |Index745