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S.E. Capon Bridge Land Grants

This is the southeast (lower right) quarter of the U.S.G.S. topographical map showing land grants. We appreciate the cooperation of Mr. Galtjo Geertsema who so graciously supplied the original grant information from his extensive research. We ask your indulgence in any mistakes made while converting this information for web use.

The number following a name indicates acerage; lone three digit numbers indicate the index card number. A letter - hyphen - number entry (eg. H-167) is a N.N. Grant number.
Note: These are draft maps! Locations are not precise! Colonial surveys never fit correctly on a large map due to the inaccuracy of the instruments and the errors of the surveyors. We appreciate suggestions, corrections and kind comments!

gif-8 test

For the index card created by Mr. Geertsema listing information for each grant, click on the grant number or name from the list below. Your browser should allow you to enlarge the image in order to see the small print on the plat image in the lower left corner. Use your browser's "Back" button to return here.

Not all are available yet!

For Library of Virginia N.N. Grant images below click on link here. Image may have two pages so check names to see which on is the one you are seeking. Image may have to be rotated to view. These are large files, but you can right click and save the image to your hard drive for further study. We appreciate the Library of Virginia making these available for everyone's use.,