Database of Hampshire County Names

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A Continuing Project                                    Other databases to be added!

This is a draft of our database of Hampshire County names. It currently covers only three data sources:

  • Sims Index of land grants (only grantee names) up to the 1870s,
  • Hampshire County Survey Books, "survey for" names in books A through E (to 1854; the last 104 entries of Book C are missing), and
  • Indian Mound Cemetery burials.
Eventually, it should cover many other lists of names including veterans, wills, undertaker records, more cemeteries, etc. Not every bit of information in the original data source is shown; this is a name reference meant to show you where someone might be found in original sources. Our facilities do not permit more extensive listings.

When you search for a name you must input at least two letters in the "Lastname" box. To shorten the list or responses it is good to put at least one letter in the Firstname box. Be advised that we have transcribed exactly as we believe they appear in the original books; we have not "corrected" spellings. Also note that in some cases titles are included in the Firstname field, so you would have to type "col." or "c" if you were searching for George Gilpin because he was listed as "Colonel George Gilpin."

Once you have input a name, the results page will show all variations of that name. Click on one and the data sources will then appear. When you hover your mouse over the "Datasource" entry, a window appears indicating what the source is: Survey Books, Sims Index or Indian Mound Cemetery burials.

If you have an older monitor, you may have to scroll across the screen because we needed room to have a proper output listing. If you find any problems, please contact us. Thank you.

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