1903 Decoration Day - Review Editorial

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WEDNESDAY, MAY 27, 1903.

Wednesday, next, is Confeder-
ate Memorial Day, here. As is
well known the graves of the
dead soldiers are decorated and
the services in connection there
with are held under the auspices
of the Ladies Memorial Associa-
tion. This society, organized
immediately after the war and
some 35 years ago erected the
first monument to the Confeder-
ate dead placed in position in the
The war is long since over and
much of the bitterness has worn
away with the lapse of time.
Unfortunately the ravages of
time has had its effect, too, on
the disposition to do honor to
the memory of those who gave
their lives to the cause they es-
poused. This is due to the fact
that the generation of men who
engaged in the struggle of 61 to
64 are fast passing away and that
the new generation is largely of
commercial instinct, bent almost
solely upon moneygetting. This
is unfortunate. It is no disre-
spect to the memory of those who
fought upon the other side and
no disloyalty to the Government,
for the surviving Confederates
and their descendents to meet
once a year, strew flowers upon
the graves of the fallen heroes
and keep green their precious
memory. They gave four years
to a cause they and you believed
to be just; more than that they
gave their lives to it; can not we,
therefore, spare one day to hon-
or their memory? We are heart-
less, soulless, unappreciative and
unworthy to be descendents of
such noble men, if we can not.