Historic Hampshire County, WV
West Virginia's Oldest County


Wolford (Nathan) Family Cemetery, Mechanicsburg, WV.

Lat:3920.632N; Lon:07849.274W.

Located about .2 miles Northwest of Mechanicsburg on Fox Hollow Rd. (Rt.50/2) to Rt.50/3, then North .8 miles to Rt.50/3 to a private road, this cemetery is East of the road.

  • Nathan Wolford: "CO. C. 18 VA Cav. C.S.A."
  • Lena Teressa Wolford: born 1932; died 1933; "Dau. of Mr. & Mrs. O.L. Wolford".
  • Jack O. Simmons: born 1946; died 1982.


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