Historic Hampshire County, WV
West Virginia's Oldest County


Wolford (John) Family Cemetery, near Augusta, WV.

Lat:3919.488N; Lon:07833.037W.


Traveling between Augusta and Slanesville on Rt. 29 you will make a right on Hickory Corner Rd. (45/12), before getting to the ravine and the cross-roads there is a brick ranch house about 150 yards off to the right, and to the left of the house about 100 yards you will see a small fenced in area, this is the cemetery.

  • John Wolford: born 1763; died 1849; [Revolutionary War soldier].
  • Catherine Wolford: born 1764; died before 1849.
  • Florence R. Bennett: died Aug 13, 1876; "dau. of M.L. & Margaret Bennett" "Aged 13 yrs 15 dys".
  • Agnes M. Wolford: died Nov 1, 1905; "dau. of J.K. & Lona Wolford" "Aged 1 yr 1 mo 20 dys" "Gone but not forgotten".
  • Frances M. Wolford: born Jul 4, 1860; died May 1, 1924; "we will meet again".
  • Elijah Wolford: born Apr 1, 1825; died Jun 14, 1825.
  • Lucinda Wolford: died Feb 2, 1901; "aged 68 yrs 10 mos 3 days" "Wife of Elijah Wolford".
  • James M. Wolford: born Jul 9, 1859; died Aug 1, 1859.
  • [name unreadable] born Sep 18, 1851; died Apr 16, 1856; "[unreadable] of E. & L. Wolford".
  • John W. Wolford: born Apr 21, 1833; died Nov 29, 1906; "gone but not forgotten".
  • Harriett Wolford: born 1828; died 1901.
  • 37 slate markers, no names or dates.

    West Virginia Advocate, Oct 12, 1987: "UNIQUE, HISTORICAL GRAVES" - Ruins of the lost but rediscovered, unique grave site of John Wolford and his wife, Catherine. The Revolutionary War veteran's will stipulated that a good stone-wall be built to enclose the graves; a solid, flat stone be placed on the wall so as to further enclose the graves; and that a wooden, frame roof with wood shingles be built on top of the flat stone and the wall. He further instructed his executors to build a wooden plank fence around the entire Wolford family graveyard and directed that the cemetery was to be forever maintained in good condition. Now, the grave sites of John Catherine are ruins and the entire cemetery is hidden by thick, almost impenetrable briers, saplings and trees".


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