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Wirgman Family Gravesite, Romney, WV.

Lat:3920.427N; Lon:07845.916W; Elev:857ft.


Located off of Rt. 50 across the highway from the Indian Mound Cemetery. Make a left onto Gravel Lane, then a right into Wirgman Ave. At the top of the hill there is a grass covered road on the right, go down about 100 feet and you will see the gravesite on the left just down the hill. According to the individual that told me of this site, the kids use to play in this area and have damaged the site. It appears that the base and the top of the marker are missing. There is a heavy cover of leaves in the area, so it made it hard to locate theses two peices. At one time where was some type of wooden fence around this site, maybe having a medal gate. This would be a wonderful project for someone to find a living relative of this lady.

Emily Wirgman has no descendants, she was a single lady living with her single brother at the time of her death.

  • Emily Wirgman: born May 10, 1813; died Jun 22, 1880; "of Baltimore"

NOTE: This listing may be in error since there is a stone for Emily Wirgman in Indian Mound Cemetery. We are trying to determine if she was moved to Indian Mound Cemetery and when.


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