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Death Notices With Unknown Burial Location

This page lists names found in Obituaries from the Hampshire Review or other sources for which there was no known burial location mentioned. Where possible we give the source of the notice. Sources from the Hampshire Review followed by the designation "- HH date" are found in Hampshire History magazine; the magazine summarizes obituaries from early Reviews whose original date is given.
  • William Baird, infant, son of Mr. & Mrs. W. N. Baird of Romney, March ? 1894 (Review March 15, 1894 - HH 5/2006)
  • Mrs. Julia Davis, aged about 60 died at home of Benj. Shanholtzer in this vicinity, on Saturday night last. (Review March 15, 1894 - HH 5/2006)
  • Mrs. L. B. McBride, wife of L. B. McBride, formerly of near Augusta, died at her home near McKeesport, Penn., last week. The remains were brought through here Monday and were taken back to teh old home for burial. She leaves a husband and several small children. (Review March 15, 1894 - HH 5/2006)
  • "Annie M. McElfish, sister of Amos McElfish, died at the home of her brother, the 7th and was buried in the Springfield cemetery. Funeral services conducted at the house by Rev. G. H. Echols." (Hampshire Review, Vol XXII, No. 17, Weds., June 20, 1906) [Editor's note: we assume this means Springfield Hill Cemetery, but without further documentation we are not completely sure.]
  • Jacephas Powell died at Mr. P. Leith's on Friday Feb. 23, 1894 at the age of 68. (Review March 15, 1894 - HH 5/2006)
  • Godlove: Rev. Shives will preach the funeral of Mrs. Tucker Godlove at Zion on the 3rd Sunday in August, in the morning and there will also be services in the evening and the remainder of the week. (Review July 25, 1894 - HH 5/2006, p.11)


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