Taylor Family Cemetery (African-American)

Located south west of Romney on southern boundary of Fairfax Lot #13 about 150 yards east of River Road at foot of hill. Cemetery was formerly known as the McDowell Graveyard or the Stump burying ground. No photos at this time.

Cemetery Listing:

William Taylor, d. Jan. 27, 1937. This may be the William Taylor shown above although the death date shown is not the same; it may be a misreading or typo. We assume the "Stump Farm" is this cemetery.

Photos of Cemetery: - none yet


Since we have not visited this cemetery we include an excerpt from A History of Lower South Branch Manor Lot #13, an unpublished manuscript by William H. Rice, revised 19 February, 2009:

On the southern boundary of Lot #13 about 150 yards east of River Road at tha foot of a hill is a small cemetery. On 3 August, 1931 when 11 year old Louise Taylor was buried there it was known as the "McDowell Graveyard". Louise was a daughter of Reginald Taylor and Mary Ellen Thompson. She was tha eldest sister of Marshall Taylor who lived in the basement of the Hampshire County Court House for nearly 80 years. He died on 22 July, 2008 at age 92. On 22 August 1934 Louise's grandfather, Jesse James Taylor,[b. 1862] was buried in this cemetery. His brief obituary in the Hampshire Review that week [Aug. 29, 1934, p.5] described him as a "well known colored man who formerly worked at the Hampshire Club". He was a native of Moorefield and was 68 years old. The Hampshire Club was a resort at Petarkin before the church bought it. Betty Stump Rice says it was run by a good cook named Mrs. Turley for people who wanted to get away from larger cities like Wheeling for a while to relax in the country. Other burials in the McDowell Graveyard, which is also known as the Taylor Cemetery, include William V. Taylor (1913-22 January, 1937), the eldest brother of Louise and Marshall, Reginald Taylor (2 June 1895-23 October, 1959) and Mary Ellen Thompson Taylor (28 January 1895-27 December, 1967), the parents of William, Marshall and Louise, and Roy O. Taylor (1905-24 April, 1969), a younger brother of Reginald.

[Webmaster note: This cemetery was known as the McDowell cemetery since John McDowell inherited Lot #13 from his father-in-law, Andrew Wodrow in 1813. He passed it on to his son, William H. C. McDowell by will probated in 1855. Included in the will were eight slaves: Peter age 60, Sallie age 58, Caroline age 35, William age 34, Abraham age 32, Daniel age 25, Alice age 11 and Sydney age 9. Therefore, this could have been the McDowell slave graveyard. Based on information in William Rice source quoted above.]