Historic Hampshire County, WV
West Virginia's Oldest County


Slonaker Family Cemetery, Capon Bridge, WV.

Go about 5 miles down Dillions Run Road until you come to a little white church. The church is off the road about 200 yards to the right. Behind and to the left of the church you will see the Slonaker and Blaker cemeteries. Also known as the GREEN MOUND CEMETERY.

  • Laura S. Haines: born 1859, died 1951, wife of Wesley Slonaker.
  • Frank M. Orndorff: born Mar 5, 1882; died Dec 26, 1959; (outside of fence).
  • Harriet Slonaker: born Dec 12, 1841; died Sep 19, 1924; "Wife of Wm. Slonaker" "A Sleep in Jesus".
  • Wesley Slonaker: born 1835, died 1914.
  • Wm. Slonaker: born Mar 12, 1833; died Oct 7, 1906; "Asleep in Jesus blessed sleep from which none ever wake to weep".


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