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West Virginia's Oldest County


Slonaker Family Cemetery, Bear Garden Ridge Rd., Capon Bridge, WV.

Located north of Capon Bridge, off of Bear Garden Mountain Ridge, travel about 2 miles along the ridge, stay to the left. You will come to a gate telling you, you are about to enter private property. Once through this gate, stay on the road going through no more gates and stay to the right, you will soon come to a small one-room hunters shack with a porch facing west. The Slonaker cemetery is in the trees a little to the left below the porch.

  • John V. Powell: born 1857; died 1922.
  • Bertha Powell: born: 1882; died 1892; "dau. of J.V. & M.J. Powell" "Of such is the kingdom of heaven".
  • Powell (large marker, no names that I could see): "I shall be satified when I awake in his likeness".
  • David Slonaker: born 1826; died 1864.
  • Margaret Slonaker: born 1827; died 1903; "his Wife".
  • Robert Mitchell: born Feb 7, 1816; died Oct 14, 1872; "Both Born in Queens Co Ireland".
  • Ellen Mitchell: born Mar 16, 1830: died Mar 8,1870.
  • Maggie Slonaker: born 1842; died 1926.
  • May Slonaker: born 1882: died 1912.
  • John Slonaker: born 1828; died 1912.
  • Icie Slonaker: born 1891; died 1907.
  • Henry Hawkins: born Dec 1832; died Jul 8, 1894.*
  • Annie L. Hawkins: born Dec 17, 1877; died Jul 8, 1894; "Dau of Henry and L.J. Hawkins".*
    *Hampshire Review, July 11, 1894   We had one of the saddest accidents near N. R. Mills, Sunday morning. Mr. Henry Hawkins and family were on their way to church when their horses became frightened and ran off, and threw the family out of the vehicle, killing the young daughter. Mr. Hawkins lived a shore time and died from the injuries he received. A boy, Robert Shanholtzer, was with them and his recovery is doubtful. The family has the sympathy of the neighborhood in this sad bereavement.  (as quoted in Hampshire History, May 2006, p. 11)


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