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Rosebrough Family Cemetery, Dutch Hollow, Rio, WV.

Also known as the Liz Hicks Cemetery -- It is kind of hard to gain access or even find this cemetery. Travel South on Rt.259 until you enter Hardy Co., make a left before getting to Wardensville onto Moores Run Rd. (23/13). About 4.0 miles you will go by Warden Lake. Follow the road North and about 1 mile further the road will divide, make the right over the little bridge. Immediately after crossing the bridge, make a left and this will lead you to a chained gate. You will have to park your vehicle here if the gate isn't open. Less then a mile up this lane, the road will divide again, make a left. And about 200-250 yards up this road, past the house on the left you will see this cemetery right next to a large field on the side of the hill next to the road.

There appears to be two parts to this cemetery. The first is the older section, which appears to have only 2 graves in it (Rosebroughs). These graves are bordered by a small wall of stones making about a 10 ft. by 20 ft. enclosure. It also appears that at one time the entire cemetery, older and newer had a fence around it.

This cemetery is in very poor condition. It appears that 10 or 20 years ago, a rather large tree was cut down near the cemetery, and it fell on some of the graves. The tree was never removed, so if there are other markers under the old tree, this may remain a secret until it is cut up and removed.

  • John R. Conard: born Apr 3, 1838; died Dec 3, 1914; "He was beloved by God and Man".
  • Margaret C. Conard: born Sep 9, 1838; died Mar 27, 1922; "She was the Sunshine of our Home".
  • Mr. S.J. Kline: born Sep 11, 1842; died Nov 6, 1875; "Aged 88 yrs 7 mos 2 days".
  • Mr. A.J. Michael: born 1839; died 1919; "At Rest"
  • Christina Michael: born 1844; died 1919; "His Wife".
  • Jesse L. Rosebrough: died Mar 30, 1900; "Aged 76 yrs 2 mos 8 dys" "Gone but not forgotten".
  • Mary A. Rosebrough: died Feb 20, 1892; "Wife of J.L. Rosebrough" "Aged 83 yrs 9 mos 8 dys"; (back of stone) "Sullivan & Orndorff, Westernport MD".
  • [marker, very hard to read].
  • 6 or 7 field stones (believed to be slaves).


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