Historic Hampshire County, WV
West Virginia's Oldest County


Powell-Leith Graveyard, Bloomery, WV.


Located about 1.5 north on Leith Mountain Rd. in Bloomery behind the Omps Grocery Store on the Peacemaker property.
From Rt. 522 in VA., but pass Gainesville, VA, and about 5 miles further you will make a left onto Bloomer Pike (Rt.127). About 3 miles from the WV border you will come to Leith Mt. Rd. (OMPS Grocery Store). Make a left onto Leith Mt. Rd. (Rt.45/2). The road is paved only for a short way, then turns into dirt. I don't remember how many miles (1 or so) you go, but go to the end of the dirt road and you will see the log cabin. On the other side of the cabin is the cemetery.

  • No names available at this time, but there appears to be about 95 graves and several large crypts.


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