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Oates (George) Cemetery, Capon Bridge, WV.

Located about 2 miles down Dillions Run Road on the left. The cemetery is located about 500 yards off the road in a small out crop of trees. Cross a few cow pastures, climb a few fences and jump over a couple of creeks and your there with very little trouble.

After getting to the graves, I noticed that at one time there was a wooden fence around it and has long since fallen down. Most of the grave markers have been tipped over by cows. The ones that I found, 3 or 4 were in great shape, but many others were made of slate and inscriptions missing, some with writing on the, and some may have been used as markers only. In total, there are approximately 9 or 10 graves at this cemetery. Some of the other markers do have writing on them, but the moss or age of the stone makes it next to impossible to read. I have listed the ones that I could ready below.

  • Elizabeth Oates - born Jan 16, 1824, died Aug 2, 1904; "Wife of Jonathan".
  • George Oates - died Dec 12, 1890 - 84 yrs 24 days; "Sacred in the Memory of".
  • Jonathan Oates - born Mar 15, 1818, died Aug 2, 1904.
  • Lydia A. Oates - Sep 11, 1838, Dec 12, 1924.
  • Mary Oates - died Jan 14, 1899; "Aged 79 yrs 10 mos 27 days" "Wife of George Oates".
  • "IN P" (field stone).
  • Nancy Slonaker: died Sep 31, 1881; "Aged 2 yrs 7 mos 12 days".
  • There are several stones that appear to be markers with no names.


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