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Nelson Family Cemetery, Capon Bridge, WV.

This cemetery is located on Moreland Family Farm about 1.8 miles on the left down Dillions Run Rd. The only way to access these graves is to drive about 1/2 of a mile through a horse and cow pasture, up and on top of the hill.

There are two graves at the site laying side by side, a head marker and foot marker for each, with SISTER on one and BROTHER on the other. As you can see by the photo, there is also a center marker between the two. It has fallen down over time, and was too heavy for me to fix stand it back up (about a 3 or 4 person job). The marker lists the names of the brother and sister.

I have talked to a couple of time resident of Dillions Run, and found that when they were children, they played around the pastures and was sure there was more then just one grave there on the hill. So I will get back and talk with the Morelands again and see if I can go search through the woods a bit more.

  • Harry H. Nelson - born Jun 28, 1871, died Oct 17, 1893 - Brother.
  • Mollie E. Nelson - born Aug 2, 1872; died Jan 1, 1892 - Sister.


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