Mauzy Cemetery off Smoky Hollow Road

Mauzy Cemetery in trees
Cemetery as you approach from the west behind house.
Location: off Smoky Hollow Road just over 3 miles north of US Rt. 50 on private property.  Cemetery is approximately 202 yards behind (east of) red brick house.  Cemetery is approximately 22 yards long north to south and 25 yards long east to west.  Protected by livestock fence.  Overgrown, stones in poor condition. [8/24/06]
view toward house (west)
Looking at cemetery on right and house to the west and Mill Branch in the hollow behind house.
general view of graves
Views of the condition of the cemetery
general view west toward house
gravestoneMary Hook stone
Two of the better preserved stones including one for Mary Hook, wife of Samuel Hook.
Maybe John Mauzy's stone & his wife's
These may be John Mauzy's stone and his wife's.
[working on grave listing based on Advocate article by Wilmer Kerns]

For information on the Mauzy family check Wilmer Kern's posting on

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