Historic Hampshire County, WV
West Virginia's Oldest County


Marpel Family Cemetery, near Capon Bridge, WV.

From the Central United Methodist Church in Loom, WV., head down Timber Mt. Rd. about 2 miles or so. You will see the Emmart Farm sign on the right. Go down the driveway and you will have to ask premission because this is on private property. First you will need a 4WD vehicle. The cemetery is located about 1 1/2 mile from the farm house. Follow the cow pasture road until you come to a red gate. The road at the top of the hill divides, the right takes you further down the pasture to the red gate. The left fork takes you to the cemetery and a little further to the old Marpel home(?).

  • Alva Marpel: died 1894; "Infant".
  • Cleveland Marpel: died 1908; "Infant".
  • Martha J. Marpel: born Mar 7, 1834; died Jul 2, 1902; "Not lost blest throught but gone before. Where we shall meet to part no more".
  • Simon Marpel: born Jan 29, 1829; died Mar 7, 1913.
  • T. Madison Marpel: born 1862; died 1915.
  • Virginia A. Marpel: born 1862; died 1894; "Wife of J. M. Marpel".
  • Bessie Miles: died 1872; "Infant".
  • Bertha Miles: born 1872; died 1905.
  • Sallie B. Orndorff: born 1875; died 1900.
  • Theadore Orndorff: died 1900.
  • Unmarked grave.


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