Historic Hampshire County, WV
West Virginia's Oldest County


Indian Graveyard, Yellow Springs, WV.

Lat:3910.938N; Lon:07830.567W.


This gravesite is located on the northwest corner where Rt. 259 and the Cacapon River Rd. intersect in Yellow Springs, across the street from the old Caudy Davis home. According to the current resident of the house, it was told to him that when Rt. 259 was widened, the corner of this small cemetery was dug into and a human bone was found.

Talking with several of the people that have lived in the area of this cemetery, they have all told me that the graves at this cemetery are the graves of Indians. No one knows for sure how many graves there are. There is a partial wire fence and a gate to show a little of the boundry of the cemetery.

  • Several unmarked graves, no names.


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