House-Johnson Cemetery

Location: Cemetery is on private property.

Some locals have referred to it as "Shade Cemetery." John W.C. Largent (1826-1886) and wife are also buried there, so it could be called a Largent Cemetery. Adam Kaylor (1832-1910) and wife are buried there, along with graves of infant children. The oldest marked graves belong to Nellie House who died in 1793 and Sara Johnson (1778-1792). The cemetery is located near the Little Cacapon River. Go to the old Neal's Run Post Office and go up the steep hill (dirt road) and inquire at the first or second house on the right. You will need some help because it isn't near landmarks, and it isn't visible from the road. The Abe family owned the cemetery when I used to visit it but both of them are now deceased. Little Cacapon Cemetery - House-Johnson Cemetery - Shade Cemetery probably the same.

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