Historic Hampshire County, WV
West Virginia's Oldest County


Hook Cemetery, near Capon Bridge, WV.

Lat:3914.198N; Lon:07827.027W.

Location on Hooks Mill Rd., south of Capon Bridge off of the River Rd. After passing Hooks Mill, the cemetery will be at the far end of the field from the next house you come to.

  • Elizabeth Newbanks: died Aug 10, 1860; "Aged 80 Years" "In Memory Of".
  • Mary Hook: died Jan 30, 1847; "Aged 87 Years" "wife of William Hook".
  • John Newbanks: died May 7, 1820; "Aged 41 Years" "In Memory Of".
  • 4 stones with no names on them.
  • 2 stones outside of the wooden fence.


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