Hiett (John) Family Cemetery, Sandy Ridge, WV.

Lat:3919.807N; Lon:07828.572W; Elev:(?)ft. (N39,19.771 W78,28.600)

cemetery in the woods view approaching the cemetery
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This cemetery is located about a mile or so off of Cold Stream Rd. on the old John Whitacer Farm. After entering the property you will cross over two cattle rails and go through a gate. Off in the distance you will see a old house. Pass this house on the left using the dirt road and head straight across the pasture until you come to a break in the fence which winds through a small grove of trees. After getting out of the trees you will see a very old farm house. Pass the farm house on your right, cross a small muddy hollow and you should see this cemetery on the side of the next small hill to the south.

  • Ann Hiett: born Feb 4, 1817; died Jan 22, 1899; "Wife of S.S. Hiett".
  • Even T. Hiett: born 1851; died Feb 8, 1925; "There is rest in heaven".
  • John L. Hiett: born 1845; died 1901.
  • Mary F. Hiett: born Sep 13, 1842; died Feb 17, 1902; "Asleep in Jesus blessed thought".
  • Morgan B. Hiett: born Oct 28, 1856; died Mar 23, 1862; "Son of S.S. & Ann Hiett".
  • Rebecca A. Hiett: born Jan 17, 1852; died Jan 19, 1938
  • S.S. Hiett, Jr.; born 1854; died 1928; "Gone but not forgotten".
  • Samuel S. Hiett: born Jun 12, 1813; died Oct 28, 1904.
  • infant Hiett: "Son of S.S. & Ann Hiett".