Hebron Lutheran Cemetery, 1786,
Intermont, WV

Hebron Lutheran Church and Cemetery Location: Lat:39°09.072N; Lon:078°32.511W. Hebron Lutheran Church and Cemetery


After coming into WV from VA on Rt. 259, travel almost 14 miles and you should see the church and cemetery on the left.


McKeown, Harry Lietch, WWII, Bronze Star
Bland, James W., WWII
Brill, Alfred A., CSA
Brill, Wilbur L., WWII
Conrad, Loring E., Army
Cooke, Charles A., Vietnam
Cooper, Leonard W., WWII
Cooper, Stephen Randolph, Vietnam
Funkhouser, Maynard T., WWII
Haines, John David, WWII
Hines, Harold Glenn, WWII
Jones, George Jeffrey, Army
Jones, Larry A., Vietnam
LaFollette, Norman R., Korea
LaFollette, Rosby Lee, WWII
LaFollette, Russell I., Army
LaFollette, Wilbur A., WWII
Leigh, Ransom, 6 Cav.
Lent, Marvin R., WWII
Linaburg, Charles L., Korea
Malone, Roy W., Korea, Vietnam
Orendorff, Meridith, Spanish-American
Orndorff, Philip S., WWII
Racey, Carter C., WWI
Racey, Walter Wright, WWI
Rudolph, Jacob B., Sr., WWII
Seabright, Stanley L. WWII
Secrist, Forrest T., WWII
Sine, Wm. Paul, Korea
Walker, Norman, Jr., WWII
Westfall, James Ellis, WWII
Wilfong, Cecil Ray, Vietnam
Wilson, Fred Antony, Vietnam
Wilson, John L., WWII
Wilson, Lucian Moss, WWI


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