Historic Hampshire County, WV
West Virginia's Oldest County



Located north of Rt. 28 and west of county Rt. 1 from Springfield to Green Spring, WV. Make a sharp left on the first road you come to after going North past the Springfield crossroads. This road will take you to the railroad tracks. Across from the tracks is a red gate. This is the road that will lead you to the area of the cemetery. Or you can make the trip on foot by making a right down the RR track for about 50 yards or so and turn left into the woods, cross the small dirt road and head up into the trees and go to the top of the hill. Look for several cedar trees, and you will find the cemetery.

  • Deborah S. Grinzeback: died Dec 17, 1848; "Aged 4 yr 13 dy" "Daughter of J. & N. Grinzebeck".
  • Nancy Grenzeback: died Jun 11, 1850; "Aged 47 yr 1 mo 3 dy" "Wife of J Grenzeback".
  • Charles Wall: died Aug 29, 1847; "Aged 13 yr 1 mo 12 dy".
  • Jesse Wall: died Oct 3, 1847; "Aged 15 yr 9 mo 25 dy".
  • infant Wall: "Infant son of Wm. & S E Wall".


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