Historic Hampshire County, WV
West Virginia's Oldest County


Gray Family Cemetery, Millbrook, WV.

Lat:3912.910N; Lon:07833.256W.

Located at the end of Dillions Run Road, just out of Capon Bridge, WV. The gravesite is located behind the last house on the right and up on the hill between a couple of old trees. This cemetery located in a cow pasture, was in very poor shape. It has been told that at one time up to 20 graves were on this site. Many of the markers are knocked down; and several have been covered over by dirt and mud from the cattle traffic. There were several unmarked flat rocks unright in the gound with no writing that I could see on them.

  • Benjamin F. Gray: born Jun 14, 1849; died Jul 21, 1870 "Departed this life".
  • David W. Gray: born Mar 30, 1876; died May 19, 1870 "Departed this life".
  • Harriet Gray: born Apr 10, 1810, died Oct 3, 1843; "Departed this life".
  • Sarah Gray: born Apr 15, 1819; died Mar 9, 1899.
  • Spencer R. Gray: born Sep 21, 1818; died Aug 10, 1885.
  • Susanna Gray: born Jan 20, 1795; died Jul 13, 1869 "Departed this life".
  • Robert H. Strother: died Jun 14, 1893; "aged 60 years, 10 mos. & 5 days".
  • Isabella Parrill: died Oct 12, 1882; "wife of Joseph Parrill" "aged 95 ys 11 ms 14 ds". This was a hard stone to read. There was also an inscription that I couldn't read. It appears that her marker was repaired sometime back.
  • Jacob D. Parrill: born Oct 11, 1825; died Jan 1, 1904.


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