Ebenezer Cemetery, Romney, WV.

Lat:39° 19.797N; Lon:078° 42.388W.
Google Maps: 39.32991 -78.70662 = 39° 19' 47.7"N 78° 42' 23.8"W
Located 3 miles east of Romney on Rt. 50 at the top of the hill.

Note: the stone on the left gateway pillar states "Established 1839." We assume this is either the date the Church was established or the date of the original Ebenezer Cemetery which is no longer in existence. We do not know if all graves were moved from the old cemetery. The beginning of regular burial in this location appears to be:
  Edward B. Cummings: Feb 27, 1923
  John Robinson: died Mar 29, 1923
  Margaret Grapes: Apr 9, 1923
  George M. Haines: born Apr 7, 1848; died Dec 21, 1923
Burials moved from the old cemetery may be:
  Grover C. Davy: died Dec 1, 1884
  Walter S. Whitacre: died Feb 12, 1897.
  Baby Boy Shane: born Jul 1, 1897
  Belle Messick: died Feb 3, 1898
  Robert F. Shank: died Jan 15, 1898.
  Retti Bironian: died Dec 3, 1898
Then there are two intermediate dates:
  Benjamin Thomas Shanholtzer: born Jun 16, 1849; died Jun 21, 1917.
  Emily Susan Shanholtzer: born Apr 21, 1846; died Jan 21, 1918.
See: www.historichampshire.org/cems/oldebenezer.htm

Cemetery Listing:

This list is no later than 1977 and probably incomplete at that date.

Burials from other sources:

The local paper of February 28, 1889 shows a J. L. Hoke and Jacob Kirby buried in Ebenezer; this may have been the old Ebenezer to the south of the Northwestern Turnpike (Rt. 50).

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