Historic Hampshire County, WV
West Virginia's Oldest County


Doman Family Cemetery, near Mechanicsburg, WV.

Located Rt. 50 west out of Romney. Turn right onto Fox's Hollow Rd., then immediate right again onto Fox's Hollow Rd. (The big white house on your right as you make these two right hand turns is "The Berg". Within the gravel storage area on your left as you go up the hill is where the cemetery is located for the "The Berg" house.) About three miles in, the road turns to dirt - keep going. In another mile or so you'll come down a hill, the land opens on your left into a nice farm, with large old farm house and cemetery on the hill behind the house. This is now called the Doman farm, but the cemetery is the old Herriott cemetery. Keep going. In another mile, you'll pass a large stone house on your right. After the stone house, the second stream you cross is Long Run on USGS map and then there's a fairly new house on your left. Just after you pass this house, notice next to the road on your right are the old mill race ditches in the woods. When you come to a rise in the road after the house on your left and the mill race is right next to the road on your right, park your car in the wide area on the right side of the road. Walk straight into the woods to your left and you will see the cemetery. It has a woven wire fence around it and is within 100 feet of the road. If you drive a full size pickup truck you can barely see the cemetery from the road. If you continue down the road about a hundred feet or follow the mill race you will come to the stone foundation of the old mill on the right hand side of the road.

  • Lucy Doman: born 1873; died 1885; "Come Ye Blessed".
  • Tobias S. Doman: born 1828; died 1883.
  • Margaret C. Doman: born 1840; died 1895; "Wife".
  • Jacob Doman: born 1783; died 1865.
  • Rachel M. Doman: born 1785; died 1863; "Wife".
  • William H. Doman: born 1818; died 1898.
  • Rebecca Doman: born 1820; died 1896.
  • 3 field stones, possibly a 4th.

    Listing of the people in this cemetery and directions was supplied by Jane Ailes.