Croston Cemetery, near Sector, WV.
May be the "Poor Farm" cemetery

Croston Cemetery

Located: Just north of the Trough along South Branch River Road at the northwest corner of the Harmison Boat Ramp parking lot. This cemetery is just south of the County "Poor Farm" and may be the cemetery for those who died there and for other indigents.

Cemetery Listing:

No cemetery listing available at this time. If you can help, please let us know.

We insert below articles from the Hampshire Review since they may be the only reference to these particular burials which we assume are in this cemetery. We believe the "Poor House" was, at times, called the Infirmary. If you have knowledge of this subject, please contact us.

From the Hampshire Review of June 26, 1935
   There died suddenly at the County Infirmary last Wednesday a man who gave the name of Capt. William Wallace Lord and his age as 102 years. Some years ago he came to Green Spring and had with him an old horse. He spent some years there with the family of R. E. Van Fleet. His claim was that he had fought in five wars with U. S. troops and gave his birthplace as Erie, Pa. Efforts of some of our people to prove his claims were fruitless and no records could be found at Washington to establish the claims he made. Burial was on the Infirmary farm Friday. The man stated that he was unmarried.

From the Hampshire Review of March 9, 1927
   Joseph Whitacre, aged about 60 years, died at the County Infirmary Monday evening from dropsy. Very little is known about him there, but that he came from Slanesville. He will be buried in the graveyard there this morning.