Historic Hampshire County, WV
West Virginia's Oldest County


COWGILL (Lenore) GRAVESITE, Sandy Ridge, WV.

Lat:3920.327N; Lon:07828.048W; Elev:(?)ft.

Located on the John Whitaker property about .2 miles North of the Sandy Ridge Church and Cemetery on Cold Stream Rd. Then North .6 miles on a private road. After entering the property, you cross 2 cattle grates, then coming to the first gate you will see this grave just on the other side of the fence and to the left.

I know if I stared at it long enough I should be able to make out more of it, but the day I took the photo it was raining.

  • Lenore Cowgill: [dates not readable]; "Dau. of J.R. & [looks like] I.L. Cowgill". I do see her death date and do see the word "Aged" on the marker, but can't make them out at this time.