McGahuey Cemetery Map Index

    Below is a listing of the individual section maps showing cemetery locations around the county. Click on the map number to be taken to the image page. These pages are approximately 100k in size.

Map 3: Northwest section

Map 4: Green Spring, South Branch, Points, Higginsville

Map 5: Okonoko, Little Cacapon, Cacapehon, Spring Gap, Sideling Hill

Map 6: Northeast corner of County

Map 7: Rada

Map 8: Mechanicsburg, Vanderlip, Junction

Map 9: Wapocomo, Romney, Shanks, Old Bethel Church, west of Three Churches

Map 10: Branch Mountain U.M. Church, Barnes Mill, Augusta, Pleasant Dale, west of Slanesville

Map 11: Forks of Capon, Slanesville, North River Mills, Hanging Rock (Rt. 50), west of Capon Bridge, Bubbling Spring

Map 12: Cold Stream, Bloomery, Capon Bridge, S.E. of Forks of Capon

Map 13: Purgitsville

Map 14: Sector, Glebe

Map 15: Kirby

Map 16: Sudan, Delray, Rio

Map 17: Hooks Mill, Millbrook, Yellow Spring, Capon Springs, Capon Lake

Map 18: High View, Shiloh U.M. Church